heating and airWhether it is summer or winter, we all depend on our heating and air conditioning system. Do you know what the best HVAC system is for you? If you already have one at home, here are a few tips to make sure that it will last from one season to another.

Ways to keep your HVAC from breaking down

Size Matters

Just like when you are buying clothes, you don’t choose those that are two sizes too big. The HVAC system you install at home should be consistent with your property size. Bigger systems will heat or cool quickly, which means it will turn on and off repeatedly, therefore leading to different issues.

A system must not cycle on and off too much or you will have to deal with more repair costs. Electricity consumption also rises and leads to higher electricity bills. Larger units are costlier not just to buy but also to install. To make the correct decision on the right size to purchase and install, you need to ask an expert HVAC contractor what calculation he used to determine the load needed for your property.

Consider Part Replacement

You call Florence HVAC Experts for repair services and he tells you that a certain part needs to be replaced. Before you do anything, you have to carefully consider whether you really want to replace it. Whenever a Florence HVAC contractor says something must be replaced, accept that might not know everything about your system. However, that doesn’t mean you should ask for a second opinion. You have to ask questions and do your research well. You must also know why there replacing the part is a better option than repairing it.

Don’t Fall For Free HVAC Services

Nothing is free in this world. You might get a lot of calls a day when the weather begins to warm up or cool down regarding exciting free furnace or air conditioning service. Think about the last time you got something for free or at a discounted price and you were really satisfied. If your answer is never, then don’t fall in the trap of discounted or free HVAC inspections. The majority of HVAC companies have online sites that can provide you with a quote and lets you compare prices. Check online reviews and don’t forget to ask for proof of certification. Know what your needs are and work with a company that can fulfill your requirements.

Recharging Your Air Conditioning Unit

Remember that your air conditioning unit is not like your mobile phone. It doesn’t not have to be recharged. Beware of a technician who tells you to recharge your refrigerant. In case your AC unit is running low on refrigerant, it is most likely caused by a leak, which needs to be fixed by a professional HVAC contractor.

During the time of installation, the refrigerant must be weighed before and after it is poured. When the leak is being fixed, pay attention to the refrigerant tank’s before and after weight.

Get A Written Contract

This is one of the most common traps. Whatever services you get, you have to insist on a written agreement. This is applicable to air conditioning and furnace maintenance and repair. If an HVAC contractor says there is a need to replace a certain part and will serve another component and asks you to pay upfront, you should consider this as a red flag. Before placing your full trust in a contractor, you need to get everything in writing first. If they are trustworthy, they will not hesitate to give you honest answers and instructions in writing. You should also be aware of overpricing and overcharging. If you are having second thoughts, you should consult with another heating and air Florence SC contractor.

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