air conditioner repairIf you can’t stand the summer heat, your home and air conditioning unit is your primary refuge. It is important that you keep your air conditioning unit functioning at all times. It’s one of those things that’s hard to get by without, especially during the summer. Luckily, maintaining your AC unit isn’t as hard as you might have thought. Although the task seems intimidating if it’s your first try, it gets easier as you move along. Instead of having an air conditioner repair service in the middle of summer, you can prevent breakdowns with proper maintenance. Here are five easy steps that you can follow:

Air conditioner maintenance tips from your local HVAC contractor

  1. Clean or replace the air filter – this is the most common routine maintenance that you should do. Since your air conditioner deals with moving air inside your home, it filters out all the dust and dirt in the air. All these pollutants in the air are then sucked and trapped on the air filter of your unit. Over time, your air filter will be full. Some AC units have disposable filters and some have reusable ones. Whichever one you have, it is always recommended to clean the filters every now and then.
  1. Check wires and components – this tip is probably suited for people who have a fair amount of experience with AC maintenance. The wires and components inside your AC unit will be dirty after a few years. Also, there’s a high chance that moisture could find its way in as the temperature difference would trigger condensation. It’s good practice to check the wiring of your AC unit as well as other components for routine cleaning. If you happen to find any problems, you should contact your HVAC contractor immediately.
  1. Check the thermostat – the most common problem people have with their air conditioning unit is having the wrong thermostat setting. If the thermostat is not set correctly, the air conditioning unit might not perform well enough. The temperature could be lower or higher than what is deemed comfortable. It would also help if you have one of those advanced thermostats installed where it automatically adjusts the temperature based on your usage patterns. Smart thermostats are becoming a huge thing nowadays and there’s a good reason why.
  1. Check the condenser unit – the condenser in your air conditioning unit is where the heat inside the house is taken outside. Your AC unit won’t function perfectly if the condenser coils and the fan isn’t working normally. Do note that the heat generated must be dissipated and this is done through the condenser. Checking your condenser unit regularly helps keep the air conditioner in good condition. Again, if you find problems with the condenser unit, don’t attempt any DIY repair, call an HVAC contractor in Florence and have the professionals deal with the problem.
  1. Checking the outside unit – if there is a lot of grass or shrubs surrounding your outside unit, chances are it could be filled with plant matter already. Always keep the outside unit clean. Move away from any objects that could be an obstruction for the outside unit. These maintenance tips are basically ways on how you can keep your air conditioner running optimally for a long time. In case your air conditioner shows signs of problems, contact experts like Florence HVAC Experts for quick solutions.

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