air conditioner repairThe purpose of an air conditioning unit is to cool down the air in a given space. If your air conditioner is working perfectly, it will be able to provide that cooling comfort without any issues. However, due to certain conditions, your cooling unit might have some trouble with cooling. First of all, air conditioners, like other appliances, will require maintenance. Second, air conditioners deal with circulating air which means they can trap dust and debris in the system. It’s important to get air conditioner repair when it is needed. Also, you should hire a reliable technician to get the job done.

Cooling issues that may require air conditioner repair

There are different types of issues that you can experience with your air conditioner. Some may not require Florence air conditioner repair while some do. Here are some instances wherein you would need to have your air conditioning unit fixed:

  1. Refrigerant issues – your AC unit works by pumping refrigerant through a long copper coil than winds through an evaporator and condenser. What this does is taking the heat inside a given space and transferring it outside. This process can only be done if there is sufficient refrigerant in the system. Without it, the cooling will be significantly lessened. If there are leaks in the copper coils, the refrigerant will escape which will keep the AC unit from doing its job. Only an HVAC contractor can fix this kind of issue as it requires skill and special equipment to perform.
  1. Thermostat issues – another common issue with air conditioners is with the thermostat. Even with enough refrigerant in the system, cooling will be affected if the thermostat fails to provide accurate information. Again, this kind of issue can only be resolved through repair by a technician like Florence HVAC Experts.

Issues that do not require repair

  1. Dirty evaporator – a dirty evaporator is one common issue among air conditioners. Air is sifted through the evaporator coils which takes away the heat. When the evaporator coils are dirty or have trapped sufficient amounts of dirt during its operation, it will become inefficient. This is why it is necessary to have the system cleaned at least once every three months. Scheduled maintenance is needed to keep the system running efficiently at all times. Fortunately, dirty evaporator coils don’t call for repair but cleaning will be necessary.
  1. Leaks – one of the main causes why your HVAC fails to cool a given room is because of leaks. The cool air that keeps on leaking out holes or exit points can keep the system running on full power with no real results. To add to the problem, you can’t see the air and where it is going. However, you can buy a thermal scanner to check for hot or cool spots in a room. This will help you determine any leaks and allow you to patch certain areas.

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