air conditioningYour home’s heating and cooling unit is the most important thing in your home. The heat can become unbearable if there is no power. It doesn’t matter if you have to wait for an air conditioning service, it is vital that you keep cool while waiting. Here are some cooling tips to get you through the heat.

Air Conditioning Tips: Emergency Cooling Guide

1. Use all fans available

It will feel much hotter if it is surrounded by stationary air. If you have power, turn on the electric fan. Although it won’t push cold air, it will keep the air moving until the air conditioning contractor arrives. Ceiling fans and stand fans, if you have them are good emergency cooling tips.

2. Avoid heat-producing items

Avoid using heat-producing or electrical gadgets like washing clothes or food preparation when your HVAC breaks down. Both of these will create undesirable air moisture. Avoid turning on your electronic devices.

3. Use Cool Baths and Showers

A cool shower and bath is a common emergency cooling tip that’s often overlooked. Make sure the water temperature is at least lukewarm. People with special health problems may experience shock and other issues if they drink cold water.

4. Windows are open!

Although it might seem counterproductive in keeping the heat away by opening the windows, even if there is no power or an outage, the air circulation will be great. Closed residences can become a stove, increasing the risk of heat-related illnesses. Open the windows while waiting for an air conditioning contractor in Florence SC.

5. Keep your body cool

Enjoy lots of delicious beverages, wear loose clothes and keep your tasks relaxed. Less movement is better. Keep some spray containers in your fridge for haze control.

Florence HVAC Experts is your best choice for emergency cooling services.

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