Florence air conditioningNobody wants to endure summer days that are muggy, hot, and wet. These awful instances are made much worse when you find out that your air conditioning system can’t provide you the deliverance that you need. Or maybe it is helping you but you know for a fact that you’ll be faced with high energy bills. In this post, we will guide you through the 11 common air conditioning problems that you need to avoid. Dealing with these problems will lead to greater comfort, reduced wasted energy, faster cooling, and lesser cooling bills.

Using An Incorrectly Sized Air Conditioning Unit

One of the worst mistake that a homeowner can make occurs well before they switch on the AC for the first time. Every AC window unit is made with a certain amount of airspace under consideration, and your system might be working effectively if it is too small or too big.

Window units have a BTU rating or British Thermal Unit rating that range between 5,000 to 15,000. The general rule is that each square foot of the area in the room requires 20BTU, and 600 BTU for each person that stays in the room. You might have to increase it by another 10% in case the room receive lots of sunlight, has a high ceiling, and so on.

Given that, be sure that you do not but a system that is too big. A unit that is oversized will always turn on and off since it is too effective at producing cool air, however, it will not be able to dehumidify the room, which in turn makes the room warmer than it actually is.

Opening Doors and Windows

Here is a swift rundown of exactly how an air conditioning unit works. The system pulls the warm air within the room, which then passes through a refrigerant that takes in the heat from the air. The absorbed heat is released out the rear of the unit while the cooled air is returned back to the room. Because of this, window units have to be installed in a closed window and central units are placed outside the house. The outside and inside air need to be separated from one another so the air conditioning process will work. In case your doors or windows are open, the heat that was expelled will just go back in again.

Keeping The Unit On Always

Let us say that you go to work at 8 am and you go back home at 5 pm. The ideal home temperature is at about 72F. The question now is if it is a good idea to leave your unit at that temperature throughout the day? Or is it better to turn it off before you go to work and turn it back on when you come home? Many people think that the first option is much better but the second one actually consumes less energy and the cost savings are far more significant. The hotter the weather it is outside, the more you will save by using the second approach.

Temperature Is Set Too Low

When you come home after a tiring day at work, you get inside the room and endure a stale 90F air. So what should you do? You may want to turn up your Florence air conditioning unit down to 65F so that the room will cool a lot faster. However, that is not the way an air conditioning system work. Regardless of whether the room is 70F or maybe 90F, the air conditioning system will produce the exact same strength of cool air. The temperature setting just informs the unit when it should stop producing cool air. Altering the setting from 70F to 65F will not speed anything up. It is actually much worse since the unit will continue working even after it gets to the ideal temperature. In case your ideal temperature is 72F and you set the AC system to 65F, it will continue until the room reaches 65F, wherein you are now way too cold and you have also wasted too much energy needlessly. So be sure to set your AC unit to the best temperature and leave it to do its task. In case you are tired of returning to a stuffy and hot house, it is a good idea to get a programmable thermostat.

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