air conditioner repairSummer is just around the corner. Heat and humidity will likely be unbearable. However, you will always have your trusty air conditioning unit to keep you cool and comfy all summer long. But of course, that will only be possible if your AC unit is in good condition. What if it needs air conditioning repair?

While it is still spring, take the opportunity to schedule air conditioner repair or inspection. It is best to make all the necessary preparations before the summer heat peaks. While you will need a professional HVAC contractor in Florence to fix your unit, you can do your own cleanup and maintenance.

Air Conditioning Repair: Here’s what you can do to keep your AC unit working throughout the summer:

Clean the unit inside and out

Central air conditioning or split type air conditioning units have two sections. One section is inside the home and the other is placed outside. Both ends of the system need to be cleaned from time to time. This is to ensure that the heat transfer is as efficient as possible.

As for the inside unit, the fins and air filters need to be cleaned. Dirt and debris that collects on the filters need to be removed – this is if your system comes with reusable filters. If not, the filters need to be replaced. The outside unit must also be kept clean. Clear any leaves, dirt, and debris from the surroundings. Do this as often as possible. Remember, you can always hire an air conditioning contractor in Florence SC to help you.

Check the filter

Air filters are placed to ensure that any debris in the air will be caught. The air filters also keep dirt from accumulating inside the system where it is harder to reach and clean. Other than that, the main reason why you should replace the air filter is to prevent a bottleneck in the system. Once the air filter is filled with dirt, it doesn’t effectively move the air around. This causes the air conditioning unit to work harder than it has to. This leads to system failure and premature wear.

Clean the condensate drain pan

The condensate drain pan holds the water that forms when humidity in the air condenses on the cooling fins. The drain pan must be cleaned. If not, mold could form and can cause foul odors as well as stains. Your HVAC must be clean inside and out – this includes every bit of component that’s exposed to either dirt or condensation.

Get a professional air conditioning inspection

While summer draws near, you should schedule an air conditioning inspection. Hire a local HVAC contractor to check out your unit for any issues. Only a reliable HVAC professional like Florence HVAC Experts can provide an accurate assessment of your system and other services. Don’t brush aside the need for maintenance either. The main point of doing maintenance is to keep your system in good shape and prevent major issues from forming.

Are you in need of reliable and professional HVAC services in Florence? Call Florence HVAC Experts today! You may reach us at 843-636-3260.

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