Air Conditioner Florence SCSometimes, things can wind up on your air conditioning system, particularly the condenser unit which is usually placed outside. This is especially true if you rarely visit or clean your air conditioning unit outside. Aside from dust, debris, and fallen leaves, other things can find their way to your air conditioner.

Here is a list of some of the common things that you can find in your air conditioning systems.

  • Lizards– These small animals love to hide in your air conditioner. Sometimes, they even decide to live there permanently. If you have not checked your outdoor and indoor units for a long time, you might see one or two lizards living inside. And because you are using your air conditioner, these small creatures are at high risk of getting injured and dying inside the units. On the other hand, whether dead or alive, these lizards can affect the performance of your air cooling system. That is why it is extremely important for you to regularly inspect and clean your heating and cooling systems to ensure there are no lizards thriving in there.
  • Dust and debris– If you fail to clean your outdoor condenser units at least once a week, you will surely see an accumulation of dust and debris surrounding it, more if you have plants near your unit. And even if you religiously replace or clean your filters, you air conditioning units could still get clogged with dust and cause it to work harder to produce cold air.

If you think your air conditioner needs a complete and overall cleaning, call Florence HVAC Experts for assistance. It is extremely important to keep your system clean and free of any clogs that can hamper smooth and efficient performance.

  • Pet stains– This is most common among households where air conditioners are placed where their pets are housed. If you keep pets outside, you should add something to your outdoor unit that will effectively serve as a cover, blocking it from your pets. As a result, your pets will not easily find their way to the unit and relieve their selves beside, near or right on the unit. You should know that pet’s urine is a danger to your heating and cooling units. It is highly corrosive, particularly if not diluted with water or rain; thus, damaging and causing leaks to your outdoor units.

You can opt to build a fence around your air cooling units to protect them from your pets. You can also consider using odor sprays or planting bushes to effectively cover your heating and cooling outdoor unit. However, be sure to observe proper spacing of the bushes from the unit. There should be at least 4 feet of space between the unit and the bushes so as not to cause any damage to the unit.

  • Other stuff near or surrounding your air cooling unit – Many homeowners forget that their air conditioning systems need sufficient amount of free space around it to be able to perform efficiently. If you place some of your stuff near or around your unit, it may hinder smooth airflow that your unit needs in order to function effectively. Some of the stuff that you may unconsciously put near, on or around your heating and cooling systems are beach and lawn chairs, bikes and plants.

Always remember to keep a free space around your heating and cooling unit to allow it to perform efficiently. Plus, you will effectively prevent repairs and damages to your unit by keeping it clean at all times and maintaining sufficient amount of free space around it.

Give Florence HVAC Experts a call today for professional assistance in maintaining and inspecting your air conditioning unit.


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