Heat pump Florence SCIt’s great to have a heat pump in your home. Who doesn’t want to keep cool during summer and cozy during winter? Everybody wants to feel comfortable inside the confines of their own home. However, all of that convenience goes away when the heat pump gets broken. But what are the common heat pump issues? If you’ve never had a problem with your heat pump before, you’ve got it all good. However, you shouldn’t be too confident. There are unexpected times when the heat pump just doesn’t work as it should. In these circumstances, it important to figure out what is causing the problem and resolve them quickly. Of course, you will need the expertise of an HVAC contractor in some complex situations.

Common heat pump problems you should know about:

Unit not turning on

Heat Pump in Florence SC problems can come in a few packages. One of the most common issues you could run into are power problems. There are times when the heat pump doesn’t turn on at all. In most cases, the problem is caused by a faulty thermostat, broken starter capacitor, or a broken reversing valve. There could be other reasons why the unit won’t turn on. If you can’t seem to find the cause of the problem, call an HVAC contractor.

Unit not heating

If you notice that the heat pump isn’t doing its job of heating your home, it could be either one of the three common causes or a combination of them. The first probable cause is a blocked unit. If the heat pump is blocked, efficiency drops, and heating is greatly affected. The second reason is a dirty air filter. It’s normal for air filters to get dirty over time. However, when they are full, air can’t easily pass through them. This causes a drop in system efficiency. The third reason is a low refrigerant charge. There could be a leak somewhere along the pipes that are causing the low refrigerant charge. In some cases, the lack of heating could be caused by a combination of the said causes.

Unit not cooling

The unit might not provide cooling efficiently when there are problems with the thermostat. The issue could also spring when the unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant. Some of the internal components could also be the reasons for the reduced cooling capacity. In such cases, it is important to call a heating and cooling expert.

Unit running constantly

If the unit is running non-stop, you should call in Florence HVAC Experts. If the unit isn’t stopping, it could be caused by unusually cold weather. Heat pumps are designed to provide heating gradually. When weather brings down the temperatures, your heat pump could run constantly. However, this is not cause for alarm. It is only a problem when there is an issue with the thermostat or some components linked to the compressor begins to fail.

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