florence hvacThermostats used to be simple devices connected to HVAC units. They have a dial that is turned manually to make a house cooler or hotter. They were upgraded and became digital. We now have a programmable thermostat that features options allowing users to preset temperatures for varying times of the day.

Are you thinking about purchasing a smart thermostat? Some newer models can learn; meaning they observe the users behavior and search for patterns. Once they have all the data they need, smart thermostats will then program themselves appropriately. There are versions that can be remotely regulated online, letting the users adjust their HVAC thermostat even when they are away from home. Is spending about $350 to purchase one of these high tech thermostats worth it? Here are four questions you need to ask yourself to help you make a decision.

Do you want more than just a programmable thermostat?

Imagine this. You are in Starbucks, relaxing, sitting, and sipping your coffee. You check your phone to see what your home Florence HVAC system is doing. Is this giving you goosebumps? Or are your eyes drifting somewhere else? If you are among the many homeowners who love apps, gadgets, as well as the idea of regularly adjusting systems to improve their energy use and make the most of their cost savings.

Are you forgetful? Do you think having a smart thermostat can be helpful?

Do you adjust the thermostat routinely before leaving your home or going to bed at night? If you do this then you should consider getting a programmable thermostat or even a manual one. They will most likely be just as cost effective as having a smart thermostat. However, if you always forget to adjust your thermostat at night, before you go to work, or before you go on a vacation, then having a smart thermostat can save you a lot of trouble. Once you are home, your cutting edge thermostat will allow you to set the climate at your home at a comfortable level. And once you are away, it will continue to stick to its economical nature.

Should you buy one or just rent one?

Are you trying to find ways to save energy? You can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the purchase and installation of a smart thermostat. Therefore, if you rent one, you should forego having a smart thermostat or find out how to set up and uninstall it by yourself. You can check how much energy it uses, estimate your potential energy savings, and then calculate the amount of time the smart thermostat needs before it can pay for itself.

Are you a landlord who may benefit from installing a smart thermostat?

If you are a landlord, you know how painful it is on your part when your tenants set the thermostat at 55 degrees in the summer and 80 degrees during winter. Setting up smart thermostats and then regulating them using your phone will help you keep things under control. You will require an onsite wireless connection.

Choosing Your Smart Thermostat Model

When you have finally come to a decision that you want to have a smart thermostat for your HVAC system, there are a lot of companies that manufacture them. Don’t forget to compare models to help you determine which one is most suitable for you. If you need further recommendations, be sure to get in touch with your HVAC contractor.

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