HVACMost of us are familiar with standard centralized heating and air conditioning systems. In fact, it has been the staple in most homes for decades. However, there are new advancements in heating and cooling technology. Ductless HVAC systems are become more popular due to their compact and versatile nature. But what are these systems? How do they differ from the conventional heating and cooling system? And are there any advantages when switching to a ductless system?

What is a ductless HVAC system?

Unlike the traditional form of HVAC Florence, SC, ductless heating and cooling systems do not require ductwork, hence the name. Ductless systems can also provide efficient performance like their conventional counterparts.

Advantages of ductless HVAC systems

Be eliminating ductwork from the equation, ductless systems offer a number of key advantages over the conventional centralized systems. Here’s what you can get from a ductless system:

  • Better energy efficiency – when it comes to energy usage, the ductless HVAC systems are more preferable. Since there is no need for a duct system, heating and cooling is made more efficient. Indoor temperatures can be adjusted quite easily without needing more energy.
  • Smaller carbon footprint – when it comes to energy usage, ductless HVAC systems are more efficient. Basically, energy efficiency directly translates to a smaller carbon footprint. The lesser energy an HVAC system consumes, the better it is for the environment.
  • Cleaner air – the moment you turn on a conventional HVAC system, you are basically routing air through ductwork. Over time, the dust and debris in the air will collect inside the ductwork. That is why the ductwork needs to be cleaned every so often. For the cleaning, you will need to hire an HVAC contractor to fully clean the ductwork.
  • Ease of control – basically, when you have multiple ductless units in your home, you can control the temperatures individually, this means one room can be cozier than the other, depending on user preferences.

The benefits of using ductless systems are quite clear. However, it does not mean that these systems don’t come with some disadvantages. There are certain downsides to ductless systems such as:

  • Higher upfront costs – in general, ductless heating and cooling systems are more expensive than conventional duct-based systems. However, the high upfront cost isn’t much of a problem when you consider that regular HVAC systems need a ductwork installed, need more work, and require more extensive maintenance.
  • No air distribution – this isn’t much of a disadvantage to some people. However when you choose to install a ductless system, you are losing out on the ability to control the temperature of your entire house with one thermostat.

Whether you prefer the traditional HVAC system over ductless ones, you should call an expert like Florence HVAC Experts. Professional installation and maintenance is key to a long-lasting HVAC system. Be sure to hire the right HVAC expert.

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