air conditioner repairA lot of homeowners understand the importance of air conditioner repair to keep their air conditioning systems running smoothly and efficiently. They know that implementing the right maintenance will help prevent costly and time-consuming repairs to their air conditioners. On the other hand, not everyone knows how to effectively maintain their air cooling systems. They do not know which maintenance they should do regularly and which should be left to professionals.

To be able to more effectively maintain your air conditioners and extend their life spans, here are some tips that you should consider.

Get to know your system better

Before being able to efficiently implement the right Florence air conditioner repair on your air conditioning system, you need to first get to know the system better and understand how it works. The first thing you will need to know is that your air conditioner has two primary components – the condenser unit that is often located outside your house and the evaporator, which is installed indoors. Keep in mind that different types of maintenance and cleaning are required for each component.

Help your air conditioning system in every way you can

Do not put all the work to your air conditioners. There are some things that you can do to help your Florence air conditioning system easily produce and maintain cool air inside the house. You can start by doing a thorough inspection of your doors, windows, and walls to check for gaps and holes where cold air can escape and the hot air from outdoors can enter. Seal these gaps and holes so that the cold air from your air cooling systems will remain indoors.

These will effectively prevent your system from working harder – and using up a lot of energy in the process – in creating cold air. As a result, you will not have to run your air conditioner for 24 hours and it will not get worn out easily. Moreover, these preventive measures can also help you lower down your utility bills even if you use your air cooling system for long periods of time.

Regularly check and replace dirty air filters

If you use your air conditioner for long periods of time, especially now during the summer season, you should expect its air filters to get dirty and clogged up more easily. Remember that the longer you use your cooling systems, the more dirt, dust, and debris it can pick up and get trapped in its filters.

Thus, you will need to regularly inspect your system’s air filters throughout the season. Florence HVAC Experts recommends doing this on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule as part of your regular cleaning and maintenance routine. This will ensure that your system’s air filters will not get clogged and dirty. If you have reusable filters, make sure you have extras at home so you can immediately replace the dirty one with a clean filter; thus, you will not have to wait for the first one to be washed and dried before putting it back.

Unclog your air conditioning system’s air ducts

Aside from filters, your system’s air ducts can also get easily clogged the more and the longer you use your air cooling system. Failure to clean and unclog the air ducts can cause the entire system to work harder to produce and maintain cold air inside the house. And you will end up with a high electricity bill at the end of every month. What’s more is that it can cause the system to become burned out, which can lead to more severe damage to the system. Thus, it is important that you regularly check and clean your system’s air ducts.

Effective air conditioning system maintenance should not only be the responsibility of service providers and HVAC contractor. There are things that homeowners should also do in order to better take care of their air conditioners.

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