Florence HVACThese summer season, many Florence homeowners are relying too much on their HVAC systems to help provide comfort for the entire family and make the hot days and nights more bearable. This is the reason why your utility bills may have skyrocketed in previous months.

Even if you are using an energy efficient heating and air cooling system, you still notice an increase in your monthly electricity bills since the beginning of the summer season. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do to help your heating and air cooling systems bring comfort to you and your family.

How To Save Your HVAC Systems

You do not have to put all the strain on your cooling units. With a collaborative effort from the entire family, you can have more comfortable summer days and nights without overusing HVAC systems.

  • Redo your landscape– By adding more trees and shrubs to your landscape, you give your house the extra shading it needs as protection from the extreme heat of the sun. Just make sure you work with a local expert who is experienced and trained in choosing specific trees and shrubs that will help shade your house. These professionals should also assist you in strategically placing the trees to maximize their shading benefits.  Florence Home Services recommends giving Local Hardscape Pros a call for suggestions.
  • Set up awnings on your windows– Similarly with planting trees and shrubs, awnings also work to shade your windows. Experts highly recommend installing fabric awnings on windows on the west side of your home. This will help reduce your home’s heat gain by 77 percent. Think of how much that will relieve your heating and air cooling systems from cooling your home for 24 hours.

Of course, you can also consider other types of awnings. Just remember that the less heat that your home lets in, the easier it will be for your HVAC units to cool the entire house.

  • Apply heat control window films– If you do not particularly approve of how awnings change the look of your home, you can opt to apply heat control window films instead. This is especially helpful if you have several large glass windows throughout the house. Covering them with heat control window film will help prevent too much heat from entering the house. These films are made up of multiple layers of UV-blocking films which effectively deflect the heat of the sun and prevent it from entering through the windows.

You can apply heat control window film on your own or you can have an expert do it for you. If you do not know which type of film is most cost-effective to use, Air Professionals of SC, Inc. will provide you with recommendations and assist you in choosing the most effective film for your windows.

  • Invest in ceiling fans – If you have the money, consider installing a couple of ceiling fans throughout the house. These will help regulate the cold air from your heating and cooling systems more effectively throughout the house. As a result, your cooling systems will not have to exert a lot of effort in creating cold air and distributing it throughout the house. The best thing about running your ceiling fan with your air conditioners is that it helps keep cold air longer inside the house.
  • Avoid using heat-generating appliances during the day – There are specific times in the day when the sun’s heat is at its peak. It is during these times that you should refrain from using your heat-generating appliances. These include your washer, oven, and dryer. The heat from these appliances when operating will only add up to the already high temperature inside the house; thus, triggering your heating and cooling systems to generate more cold air.

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