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Also dubbed as “A City of Character,” Florence, South Carolina is a filled with unique charm, character, and history. The town was previously developed as a railroad terminal and it was named after William Wallace Harllee’s daughter, Florence Henning Harllee, Wilmington & Manchester Railroad’s first president. Now, Florence has evolved into a community with about 33,000 local residents.

Florence is located 80 miles Northeast of Columbia, SC, 70 miles West of Myrtle Beach, 90 miles South of Fayetteville, and 100 miles North of Charleston. The city is the largest within the Northeastern part of South Carolina and can be accessed by CSX and Amtrak railway services, 20 trucking terminals, and a regional airport. It is located at the intersection of I-20 and I-95.

In terms of the weather, the city has a temperate climate. It enjoys mild winter while the warm season starts from April to September. They average daytime temperature per year is 63.2 degrees.

If you are looking for a city in South Carolina where you can enjoy a colourful entertainment and arts scene while taking pleasure great shopping and dining activities, then Florence is the place to be. It has become a center of activity for tourists and the locals in the Pee Dee region.

If you are planning to spend time in Florence, you can choose from a luxurious hotel experience to an unforgettable stay at a historic home. You’ll also find different hotel brands such as Choice, Marriott, and Hilton. Dining in Florence is an absolute must. The place offers a wide range of dining options from spicy curries, fresh seafood, to street tacos.

Florence is a special town that’s filled with various hidden tourist spots that need some exploring. If you are an avid cyclist, runner, or hiker, you should visit the Florence Rail Trail. If you want to enjoy a peaceful walk in shady pathways and protected wetlands, then head over to Jeffries Creek Park. Florence Veterans Park, Grave of Female Soldier, Straw Hat Distillery, and the Atomic Crater Marker are the other hot spots that are worth visiting.

If you want some fun outdoor experience, Florence is filled with various sporting facilities, parks, rivers, and several other natural areas. Golfers can choose from four courses namely, the Country Club of South Carolina, Shadow Creek Golf Club, Traces Golf Club, and Palms Course.

If you are into tennis, pickleball, softball, soccer, and baseball, your options include Timrod Park, Dr. Eddie Floyd Florence Tennis Center, Sparrow Stadium, Freedom Florence, and Florence Soccer Complex. You can also visit Lynches River Country Park, The Florence Trail Systems, and Florence Motor Speedway.

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