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Your HVAC system obviously exerts more effort in the summer months than any other time of the year. So you’ll need to devise a plan to efficiently use your cooling units to avoid overuse, extend the life of the unit and maintain manageable utility bills.

Basically, when it’s hot outside, it will be warmer in your home causing your air conditioning unit to operate for longer periods. To prevent a hike on your electricity bill, using an average moderate temperature inside the house is recommended.

To go through summer without using your air conditioning unit would be difficult and impractical. But there are ways to efficiently use it without spending a lot of money – particularly on your electricity bill and repairs to your HVAC units. One of the best ways to limit your costs is to check your AC’s ductwork.

How is your HVAC ductwork?

It is not a common fact for many homeowners that the air conditioner’s ductwork affects the efficient use of your home air conditioning unit; faulty or inefficient ductwork will exert more power and use more electricity.

According to HVAC professionals, a huge aspect of a unit’s cooling efficiency can be traced back to its pipework. When this ductwork is a winding and confusing maze, your the AC unit takes longer than necessary to cool a room.

Here are a few things you might want to check in your ductwork:

  • Any obstructions within the pipes
  • Proper alignment of each duct
  • Air gaps where cold air could possibly leak

These factors will cause the cooling unit to use more energy in cooling the summer’s hot air. The more energy your unit uses, the higher your utility bill. To prevent this from happening, here are some helpful tips:

  • Regularly check your air conditioning ductwork
  • Look closely for any gaps or holes within each pipe
  • Completely seal every gap and hole that you find

If the problem seems more than you can handle, call in an HVAC professional

Florence HVAC Experts is a team of highly reputed HVAC professionals to help you with any problem regarding your ductwork. Call them now to inquire about their services!

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