heating and coolingFor many of us, energy bills can reach stratospheric levels during the peak seasons for both heating and cooling. So which one is more expensive to run? Studies show that it’s no contest – in America at least, home heating requires four times as much power usage compared to air conditioning systems. But don’t worry if your scenario doesn’t fit this statistic; there are several factors influencing each individual situation. Discover how you could make a difference with regard to climatizing your living space today!

Is Heating More Expensive Than Cooling

Despite living in warmer climates, homeowner energy bills remain higher during the winter months due to a significantly greater difference between indoor temperature settings and outdoor temperatures. In contrast, air conditioners don’t need to work as hard since their thermostat-to-outside temperature gap tends not be so drastic – usually around 20 degrees or less. As such, it is no surprise that heating and cooling systems are found contributing more towards rising utility costs across northern America than cooling systems do over summertime periods.

Why Heating Uses Up More Energy

Home heating systems use more energy than air conditioners to regulate the temperature of your home, and this cost varies depending on the region. Factors such as electricity or fossil fuels used for running these machines can drastically impact their overall price.

Living in the northern hemisphere of our country may shield us from extreme temperatures; however, it’s quite a different situation for residents living south. In some states, 20% of all households experience greater energy costs due to increased air conditioning usage compared with heating expenses. Fortunately, they can rest easy knowing that an AC unit is 3-4 times more efficient than any typical heater on the market!

As temperatures continue to rise across the country due in part to climate change, air conditioning usage is surging. More than 80% of American homes now boast some kind of AC system and variable-speed models are reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. Population shifts toward warmer states have also added strain on existing systems as more people use their air conditioners for longer intervals each summer season. Thankfully, advances in air conditioner technology have allowed us all a measure of comfort during even peak periods amidst this new heatwave reality.

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