heating and air conditioningRegardless of where you are, winter weather will bring colder temperatures than normal. It’s the time of year when heating systems are used non-stop. Although cranking up the heating is one quick way of being cozy, it might not be the best option for your energy bill. In fact, heating and air conditioning account for most of the energy usage in households. That’s why you should think about energy efficiency and how you can keep warm without the added costs.

Here are common mistakes that make heating cost more:

Cranking up the temperature

A lot of people don’t realize that cranking up the heating won’t really do any good especially if they are doing it to get warm fast. Regardless of the temperature setting, the heater can heat a room at a set amount of time. Generally, heaters work by slowly increasing the temperature of the air. You can then adjust the settings to high or low once the heater has reached its optimum operating temperature. Cranking up the temperature at the beginning will only cost you more.

Heat escaping through openings

Most of the heat is lost through windows and doors. Be sure that your windows and doors are closed all the time to keep the warm air in. Crevices and other openings also let warm air out, making it harder for your heating and air conditioning system to reach optimal temperatures. Be sure that any gaps in between your doors and windows are caulked.

Relying on just one heat source

A fireplace or space heater is handy to have around especially when the temperature is bitterly cold. However, it’s not a good idea to rely on just one heat source during the winter. Professionals like Florence HVAC Experts recommend using such appliances in conjunction with the main heating system to get the best results. Also, you will notice that this method is cheaper since your main heating system won’t struggle to reach your desired temperature level.

Having a single temperature setting

There are times when you will be away for a few hours at a time. There are also instances when you’ll be away for days. The point here is that you should have a programmable thermostat to make sure the temperature settings are appropriately managed. For instance, if you are going to be away for longer than three hours, it would make sense to lower the temperature setting since nobody will be home. Turning off the heating while you will be away for days will be most cost-effective.

Not scheduling HVAC maintenance

Your heating and cooling system won’t last very long without proper maintenance. Be sure that your system is well-maintained. Hire a company that can do the maintenance for you. A professional HVAC Florence technician can provide a thorough inspection of your system and ensure that nothing will break down in the middle of winter.

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