HVACKeeping your HVAC in top condition not only lightens the load on the system but also eases on energy consumption. With regular HVAC maintenance, you can easily save yourself a lot of money on energy costs as well as keeping the efficiency of your system as high as possible. Aside from increased efficiency, following the required scheduled maintenance keeps your system from failing which costs a lot of money to service and replace certain parts.


Regular HVAC maintenance lowers energy consumption


Your HVAC system will most likely be the biggest consumer of electricity in your home. It’s no surprise since HVAC systems are designed to heat up or cool down an entire house. With this in mind, energy consumption will be significant. During the winter and summer months, energy costs will increase as well. However, keeping your HVAC system in top condition will ease up the energy consumption.

Changing the air filters regularly

One of the basic rules that your HVAC contractor would tell you is to regularly change the air filters in your system. Do understand that HVAC systems circulate the air inside your home, taking out or retaining the heat in the process. This circulation of air will trap dust and accumulate in the air filters. With the air filters chock full of dirt, the system becomes slightly impaired and will need to work harder in order to keep the rate of airflow at a consistent level. Regularly changing the air filters prevents this problem entirely.

Checking and cleaning the fans

The regular use of your HVAC system will generate a lot of vibration. This vibration could lead to some loosened nuts or bolts. While seemingly spinning perpetually, your fan isn’t immune to the side effects of vibration. Do take time to check your fans for any looseness or damage. Aside from checking for any signs of wear and tear, give some time to clean the fan blades as well. Fan blades easily attract dirt and will become less efficient over time when not cleaned.

Run checks on your motor

Your fan on your HVAC is connected to a motor that runs most of the time. Like any other motor-driven appliance, it will require some maintenance. Run checks on the fan motor as well as the compressor to see if there is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced. Your HVAC contractor in Florence will know just what to look for and do in case something wrong is spotted.

In general, maintenance is a key part of the longevity of any appliance. It’s a matter of how often you maintain your HVAC that really counts. HVAC systems normally consume a lot of energy to run. However, frequent maintenance ensures that there aren’t spikes in the energy bill due to the HVAC system eating too much power. Also, only have your system serviced by professionals that know how to handle HVAC systems. Florence HVAC Experts is a good example of an HVAC company that provides top-quality service.

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