central air conditionerIf you’re from Florence, you know that you need to protect your home before a hurricane. Even though it’s already in the middle of hurricane season, you can still start considering about how you can prepare. Getting ready for a hurricane can help make sure that your heating and cooling system will remain functional, safe, and in good condition. Here you’ll learn about some tips on how you can prepare your central air conditioner for flooding, wind, and rain that may come with the hurricane.

Schedule a Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Inspection

You need to make sure that any current protection like hurricane traps, are in excellent condition before and after a storm. Get rid of any debris or surrounding objects from your HVAC outdoor units.

Yard equipment, patio furniture, as well as lawn ornaments must be moved into a shade or inside your home. Furthermore, you should trim shrubs or trees to prevent brand damage. You should cover the units outside with a tarp or cage to stop windblown objects from damaging your compressor of your air conditioning unit.

Keep The Air Conditioner Off During The Storm

When it comes to major storms, the most common concern is a power surge. When the storm hits, it’s crucial for you to switch off the unit, both the circuit breaker and the thermostat. This will minimize the possibility of a power surge putting your system at risk.

Check Before Starting Your Air Conditioner

When it is safe to go outdoors, check the spot around the unit as well as the unit itself for possible indications of damage. The possible signs to watch out for are frayed wires, projectile damage, scorch marks, leaking or flooding, and movement of the unit. If you notice any of these, don’t switch on the unit and call a central air conditioner Florence, SC professional.

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