HVACIt’s during the winter season that you crank up the use of your HVAC system. Not that summer months are any different but you would need a lot of heat to stay warm in the freezing temperatures of winter. On the other hand, you won’t find it as cozy if your furnace were to break down. Of course, before the first fall of snow, you should already make sure that your HVAC system is up and running and will not break down during these crucial months. Here are some tips on how you could ensure that your system is in top shape:

For best results, always consider hiring an HVAC contractor

The following instructions will be a 13-step guide on how to take apart certain areas of your furnace for servicing. Do bear in mind that some parts may be hard to remove. If you are unsure how to proceed, always leave it to the professionals or to someone who knows how to take apart the furnace.

  1. Unscrew the combustion chamber door – this is the first step that you should make. The number of screws on the door will vary depending on the model that you may have.
  1. Check the burner flames – a blue flame is a good indicator that the burners are in good condition. However, a yellow or orange-colored flame means that cleaning must be done.
  1. Vacuum the cavities on the burner and blower – this must be done when the unit is off and has been left to cool down. Everything must be cool to the touch before proceeding.
  1. Take out the blower and clean it – again, the complexity of the removal may differ depending on what unit you have. Always consider hiring a Florence HVAC contractor for guaranteed results.
  1. Vacuum the blower blades – the blower blades must be cleaned and should be brushed as well to remove and dirt that accumulated on them.
  1. Remove and change the filter – the filter is a necessary part of ensuring only clean air enters the system. Periodically, the filters must be swapped out with new ones.
  1. Vacuum or blow dust off the pilot – the pilot must be kept clean at all times to avoid false readings.
  1. Clean the flame sensor – this part is also crucial and must also be cleaned thoroughly.
  1. Remove dust from the igniter – as, with other parts, all dust accumulated on top of this part must be removed.
  1. Check the drive belt – the belt must not have any frays or cracks. If any are spotted, the belt must be replaced immediately.
  1. Lubricate bearings – this is only done when necessary.
  1. Adjust the dampers – again, this should only be done when needed.
  1. Seal any leaks in ducts – if there are any leaks in the ducts, have them sealed to prevent heat from escaping.

The heating and cooling methods vary in different regions in the United States. Some areas that are much colder use furnaces to keep warm during the summer. However, in areas that are not affected by heavy snowfall, a heat pump is often used.

Regardless of the kind of system you have at home, it should be noted that hiring an HVAC contractor is the recommended option when maintaining heating and cooling systems. Professional contractors like Florence HVAC Experts have years of experience in the field and are very good at what they do.


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