HVAC contractorVent covers are these small but useful parts of your HVAC system. Without them, there would be gaping holes in your wall. The rest of your HVAC system is hidden from plain sight. However, the vent covers act as décor while letting air pass through your home, leaving you comfortable at all times. Your HVAC contractor can tell you a great deal about having proper vent covers. Unfortunately, it’s not too often that we put attention on vent covers. Other than providing additional aesthetic appeal to your home, they do have a practical use which is reason enough to emphasize their worth.

Vent systems are vital for your HVAC system

Before we go any further, let’s take a look into why vent systems are important. Ventilation is a key part in maintaining your home’s indoor temperature. Without a properly working ventilation system, you would be left with a rather uncomfortable situation at home. There would be cool and warm areas in your home without a working ventilation system. There’s more than one type of vent as well. It’s also important to acquaint yourself with the different types so to not confuse from over the other. Here are some to name a few:

Cold air return vents – return vents vary in size. Despite the size differences, return vents serve to control air pressure and flow within the household. Return vents also help reduce energy costs by pulling in cold air instead of warm air during the summer.

Supply register vents – these are the vents that supply the air from the HVAC to each room inside the house. Supply vents can be found in a number of locations including outer walls, on the floor, or under windows. Bear in mind that supply vents and return vents are normally separated from each other as to not recirculate the air from the supply directly to the return vents. Your HVAC contractor in Florence will normally place both vents on each end of the room to allow for proper temperature control.

Vent covers – if you don’t want to see a large hole in your wall, you should get yourself a set of nice vent covers. Vent covers play an important role in the HVAC system. Aside from covering the hole for the ventilation system, it also acts as a filter for any impurities in the air. Vent covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

Reasons why you should clean your vent covers

Over time, the vent covers will accumulate dust. This dust will then impede the airflow coming in and out of the vents. The filters in the vents and the covers must be cleaned to keep airflow at its maximum capacity. Cleaning is part of the routine maintenance that should be done to the rest of the system. When it comes to maintenance, it is best that you hire professional HVAC contractors like Florence HVAC Experts. This is to ensure that every aspect of your HVAC system is checked and that any problems will be averted.

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