HVACScientists all over the world are scrambling to find a vaccine that will hopefully put an end to this pandemic. However, it’s not just the professionals in the medical field who are trying to make a difference. Other industries are also joining forces in the fight against COVID-19. Take the HVAC industry for example. Air filters used in HVAC systems vary in terms of quality and filtration capacity. While we already know how these air filters work, its use can go beyond just filtering dirt from the air. It may probably have a positive impact on the spread of coronavirus.

Can HVAC filters trap COVID-19?

First of all, there are different types of air filters and not all of them can prevent the spread of viruses and other smaller particulate matter. High-Efficiency Air filters, for instance, are good at filtering out foreign materials that are at .3 microns and with a 99.97% efficiency rate. Still, viruses are smaller and can still pass through. Even HEPA filters are no match for the virus. Standard Florence HVAC air filters are easily outmatched by the virus.

However, electronic air filters are much better in every way. As reported by Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine, electronic air filters that create ozone will kill viruses. In fact, electronic air filters have been used to prevent the spread of SARS which is another variety of coronavirus. On the other hand, there are no documented tests to date that could fully determine whether electronic air filters can be effective against COVID-19. However, you could always have your HVAC contractor install some in your home as an added measure.

Are there any real preventive measures against COVID-19?

First of all, coronavirus is spread from one person to another. It doesn’t just jump from one household to another through the air. It’s safe to assume that wind won’t make much of an impact on the spread of the virus. However, it is important to keep a close eye on personal hygiene and avoiding crowded places. Close contact with other people will increase the chances of contracting the virus. On the other hand, having properly working HVAC systems at home might give you better odds.

As for HVAC and air filtration systems, there are no new reports that identify such products as effective deterrents against the virus. However, homeowners can always rely on Florence HVAC Experts to provide properly working HVAC systems. Filtering and circulating the air can drastically improve its quality. Stale and dirty air can also be debilitating in the long run. It is imperative to take all preventive measures as possible. HEPA and electronic air filters are good examples of how you can keep your family safe against the virus. Good air filtration is one step towards better chances in the fight against coronavirus.

In general, properly maintained HVAC systems provide good air circulation and filtration. Keeping these systems properly functioning can reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus among your family. But then again, limit exposure to the general public and stay at home as much as possible to avoid contamination until things get better.

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