HVACA lot of people use HVAC and AC interchangeably. However, they actually serve different purposes. It’s important to understand what functions both perform. This will be quite helpful to the homeowner in case repairs, maintenance, or upgrades are needed.

What is HVAC and how is it different from an AC?

Basically, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. As you may have already known, an HVAC system has its own cooling unit. The cooling unit that comes along with an HVAC system is integrated to work with everything else through the thermostat. When you say HVAC, it also pertains to the entire system rather than just a single unit in the system. Although people use HVAC and AC interchangeably, it does not mean that it’s right or wrong. However, it is always best to get your terms right.

What is an HVAC system?

An HVAC system comprises of different units. The system includes heating, ventilation, and cooling. Generally, speaking, a Florence HVAC system is a complete package. It provides the heating through heat pumps or furnace, ventilation through ductwork, and cooling with the use of air conditioning unite.

What is an AC?

An air conditioning unit is basically a system that works to cool a particular area. Unlike an entire HVAC system, air conditioners can either be standalone or part of another system. There are three types of air conditioning units available in the market.

  • Window units – these are the air conditioning units that are installed on windows. They are smaller but are easier to install. All you will need is to have the appropriately sized opening on the wall and you can install the AC immediately.
  • Central air conditioning – these air conditioners are much larger and have an outside unit and ductwork. However, they offer higher capacity and can cool a much larger space than a window unit could.
  • Split-type air conditioning – these AC units are taking the same principles from central and window type air conditioners. Split type ACs have an outside unit but do not require ductwork to provide cool air.

What system works best for my home?

Every home needs some sort of cooling system. For smaller spaces, standalone air conditioners will work best. However, if you want the whole package, you should invest your money in an HVAC system. HVAC systems come with everything that you need to be comfortable during all seasons. For better results, contact experts like Florence HVAC Experts for assistance.

Who will install an HVAC system or air conditioning unit?

Other than choosing the correct type of heating and air conditioning system for your home, it’s also important to understand who can install these systems for you. As you may have imagined, setting up an HVAC system is not an easy task that the everyday homeowner can handle. The installation, maintenance, or upgrade of air conditioning units, especially HVAC systems, should only be performed by an HVAC contractor.

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