Florence HVACSerious weather condition, wildlife, automobile mishaps, and trees are a few of the most typical reasons for power interruptions in the Florence area. While we have been bothered by the short-lived disruptions or even worse … hours of no electrical power, we suddenly become thankful once lights are switched on. However, have you thought about the results of power failures on your HVAC devices?

Summertime Equals More Power Consumption

 During summertime, when the heat becomes unbearable, the need for electrical power increases considerably. Summer season time is the worst possible time for any power outage since everyone is dependent on air conditioning systems to cool down and be comfortable.

What to do in case of power outage?

Just like most homeowners, you may have a few back up plans to safeguard your important devices with surge protectors and battery backup power materials. The computer systems in your house might need an external hard disk drive or cloud service to regularly save important data in case your computer system stops working. But what about your HVAC System?

 Have backup power supplies

South Carolina had its reasonable share of severe weather conditions in the past years, and nearby states have also experienced a total loss of power for weeks or even months. HVAC professionals suggest using a generator that will run your heating and a/c along with other products in your house in case of a power emergency situation. Backup power generators that are big enough to run your heating and cooling devices and other crucial electrical devices can keep your household safe in the most dreadful conditions.

Best Practices in Case of Power Outages

In case you missed having a backup generator, you must take some standard actions to secure your important HVAC system in case of a power interruption.

  • Shut off the system at the thermostat

Unexpected feeds of electrical energy might harm the devices and reduce its lifespan. Thus shutting off the system at the thermostat helps prevent the system from suddenly starting when power is brought back.

  • When electricity is brought back, inspect your breaker first.

Reset any that were tripped by the power interruption.

  • 20-minute interval prior to changing the thermostat in your HVAC system.

This is because majority of modern-day heating and air conditioning systems have an internal breaker that will require time to reset. The breakers cannot reset if the thermostat is set to power on the system.

If you have issues rebooting the system or see any other issues, contact Florence HVAC Experts and we will send out a service technician right over.

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