HVAC contractorDid you know that leaks in your ductwork can lead to different kinds of problems? If you haven’t checked your ducts in a while, you might want to consider having it inspected sooner than later. Certain problems could arise when the leaks in your ductwork go unnoticed for a long time. To prevent problems from escalating, schedule an HVAC contractor for routine checkups.  Here are some of the reasons why you should always have no leaks in your ducts:

The ductwork is an essential part of the HVAC system that must never be compromised

There are different factors that come into play when your ducts are compromised. Punctures or lacerations in the ducts can have great impacts on comfort, efficiency, and on your finances. First of all, let’s have a look at how leaks on your ductwork could lead to financial losses.

Ductwork and financial constraints – primarily, the ductwork in your HVAC system are the channels that carry air in and out of your home. This system is what keeps your home cool and livable. When the ducts are properly working, your system runs efficiently thus keeping energy costs down. As you may imagine, problems in the duct system lead to inefficiency and increased power consumption which then translates to spikes in the energy bill. Despite not being damaged for most of the time, it is still worth keeping the ductwork maintained. It’s cheaper to hire a Florence HVAC contractor for maintenance than paying for repairs.

Faulty ducts could lead to health issues – when your ducts are ridden with problems, your entire HVAC system is at risk and so is the health of every person living in the household. Your HVAC system is responsible for heating and cooling your home. When some parts of the system break down, it starts a domino effect that ends up putting the health of the inhabitants at risk. This happens when the leaks in the ducts cause condensation which then allows for the proliferation of mold. The mold then degrades the air quality which can circulate throughout the whole house. This low-quality air may trigger certain lung conditions in people who don’t have that strong of an immune system or already have a history of such diseases.

Possibility of system failure – if spikes in your electricity bill make you worried, you will be more alarmed to know that there is a possibility of system failure due to problematic ducts. Your ductwork is like the lungs of the system. When the ducts go bad, so does the entire HVAC system. On the other hand, this process happens gradually. It’s not that urgent but it is a serious matter. You should contact your HVAC contractor when signs of faulty ductwork appear.

When looking for a contractor, either for repairs or maintenance, always go for the ones that are trusted. Only hire professional contractors like Florence HVAC Experts who have been in the business for quite some time and are very reliable.

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