HVACHVAC systems have been in existence for quite a while now. It’s a holistic system that encapsulates a number of different systems that work in conjunction to provide comfort. But what does an HVAC system have? A lot of people are still in the dark about how an HVAC system operates and what it involves. In general, there are three main functions of an HVAC system including, heating, ventilation, and cooling. However, this kind of system doesn’t just come from one box. It is a system that takes up space and routes through your entire home.

Understanding HVAC systems in general

Heating – based on the term alone, the heating part of the HVAC Florence system is what produces that warmth that is required during the chilly months of the year. Depending upon the make and design of the system, the heating can be done through a central heating boiler, heater, or heat pump to path warm water, vapor, or air inside the house. It is needed for the home heating to fully run particularly in locations where temperatures go down below freezing at certain times of the year.

Ventilation – generally, this is the process whereby the air inside your home is circulated to control the temperature level. It likewise protects against the air in one area from being stagnant. Bad indoor air high quality can lead to a variety of lung issues. This is the reason why it is essential to have correct air circulation inside your home. This issue is conveniently solved by correct airflow. The air is transmitted via ductwork that is set up inside your home. The A/C system operates appropriately with a working airflow system. If you encounter any issues with ventilation, check with Florence HVAC Experts for more information.

Cooling – we are all aware of air conditioning. As a matter of fact, there are different cooling systems on the market that are standalone units from the one that is attached to the heating and cooling system. Unlike window or split-type air conditioning devices, the one that is set up an HVAC system is hooked to the ventilation system that comes with it. This makes it reliable at routing cold air to different areas of the house. Window or split-type air conditioners can just cool down a single area.

You might be wondering why you need all of this information. There’s a good reason why you should familiarize yourself with how an HVAC system works. Basically, by understanding the basics of how an HVAC system operates, you are familiarizing yourself with how you troubleshoot the system. For instance, when there isn’t enough cooling inside the house, you then go to the thermostat and check if the setting is correct. If there’s nothing wrong with the thermostat, there must be something off with other aspects so you go check the filters and the outside unit which are the most accessible areas that involve cooling. Without this essential knowledge, you can’t possibly troubleshoot even the most basic of issues with the system. It’s through getting to know the system that you can resolve things on your own without being too reliant on an HVAC contractor.

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