They say prevention is better than cure, this statement also applies to air conditioners. HVAC professionals suggest conducting regular air conditioning maintenance so you can enjoy the HVAC Florencecomfort and efficiency of your unit. Below are some pointers to help you improve your air conditioner’s performance. 

Improving Your AC Performance Through Regular Maintenance

Always clean your air conditioner’s coils

Your air conditioner’s condenser and evaporator coils gather dirt gradually. This dirt decreases air flow and insulates the coil, lowering its capacity to take in heat. Outside condenser coils can likewise end up being really filthy if the outside environment is also dirty or if there is foliage close by. To prevent these issues, your HVAC professionals will inspect and clean your device’s coils, if needed, during your annual maintenance.

Change or clean your air conditioner’s air filters

The most essential maintenance job that will enhance the effectiveness of your unit is to regularly change or clean up the air filters. Change one-inch pleated filters at least monthly. But if you’re not sure of the kind of filter to utilize, your HVAC professional can suggest one based upon your particular system. For all other filter sizes, your HVAC professionals will examine, tidy, or change them at your annual maintenance. Keep in mind, filters might require more regular attention if your air conditioning system remains consistently in use, goes through dirty conditions, or you have family pets in your house.

Get rid of particles from the system

In time, things like leaves, dirt and lawn clippings will develop on the exterior of your ac system, reducing system capability and decreasing air flow. You need to cut any shrubs or other plants back from around the air conditioning unit to avoid hampering air flow to and from the system.

Correct coil fins

These aluminum fins on condenser and evaporator coils are quickly bent and can obstruct air flowing through the coil. Your HVAC professional will inspect these pieces at your regular air conditioner maintenance schedule, if necessary.

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