HVAC contractor FlorenceHVAC contractors can handle different types of maintenance and repair tasks. But there are some that you can do on your own like de-icing air conditioners, cleaning the condenser coils, and replacing the air filters. Given that your HVAC unit is a complex system, there are cases when you need to expertise of an HVAC contractor. Listed below are three of the top problems that need to be left to the pros.

Electrical HVAC Repairs

The high current and voltages that HVAC system need in order to function can pose death or health risks especially when homeowners with no experience and skills decide that they can DIY electrical problems. Doing so do not just put you and your loved ones at risk but could also void your insurance, which could lead to bigger problems that are more experienced to fix. Professionals have the skills and the knowledge to properly change busted, fix loose cables, and repair wiring shorts.

Changing Refrigerant

The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency says about three quarters of HVAC systems do not have the right amount of refrigerant. One of the most common cause why some units blow warm air is low friend. This is not something that you can fix yourself. Freon has been categorized as a hazardous material, it is regulated and could only be handled by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Preventive HVAC Maintenance

It is important for you to have a well trained HVAC contractor Florence to inspect your unit on a regular basis for signs of potential danger or damage. An HVAC contractor will show up at your doorstep to measure, clean, tighten, examine, lubricate, as well as adjust the internal parts of the system every fall and spring. Doing so can significantly prevent tiny problems from becoming larger issues. Your HVAC contractor will conduct a comprehensive revifew that will include tasks like inspecting ductwork and air quality, as well as tidying up the units found outdoors.

Fixing your own HVAC system appear like a great way of saving and that is why a lot of homeowners take it on themselves to repair the unit. Experimenting with the system could cost you more in the long run rather than cut costs. There are many reasons why your HVAC system must not be a DIY project.

Some HVAC units have a warranty that may become void if you decide to fix the unit on your own and not by a certified technician. Why would you want to void a warranty on a system that is worth thousands of dollars? The next point is about safety. Just like all other things that use electricity, you might experience an electric shock if you have no idea what you are touching. An HVAC system can run 240 volts of current, and this current level can kill you. You should not put yourself at risk. Just leave this task to the experts.

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