Florence HVACHVAC contractors are qualified to handle many types of HVAC repairs and maintenance. There are some tasks you can do yourself, such as de-icing the air conditioners and cleaning the condenser coils. Because your HVAC unit is complex, you may need the expertise of an HVAC contractor.

Top HVAC repairs that should be left to the professionals.

Electric HVAC Repairs

High voltages and currents required for HVAC systems to work can cause serious health problems and death. This is especially true if homeowners are not skilled enough to fix electrical problems themselves. Not only will you put your family and loved ones at risk, but it could also cause insurance to be voided. This could result in bigger problems that require more skilled repair. The skills and knowledge required to repair shorts in wiring and fix broken cables and other issues are available to heating and cooling professionals.

Changing Refrigerant

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about three quarters HVAC systems don’t have enough refrigerant. Low fluid is the leading reason that some HVAC units blow warm air. Low fluent is not something you can do yourself. Freon is classified as a hazardous substance and can only be handled by licensed HVAC contractors.

Preventive HVAC Maintenance

A Florence-trained HVAC contractor should inspect your unit for potential dangers or damage on a regular basis. Every fall and spring, an HVAC contractor will visit your home to inspect, clean, tighten up, inspect, lubricate, and adjust the internal components of the system. This can help to prevent small problems from growing into bigger ones. A comprehensive review will be performed by your HVAC contractor. This will include tasks such as inspecting the ductwork and air quality as well as cleaning up any units that are found outside.

DIY HVAC repairs can seem like a great way to save money. This is why many homeowners opt for this option. You could end up spending more on the system over the long-term if you do not experiment with it. Your HVAC system should not be DIY.

If you attempt to repair an HVAC unit yourself, the warranty may be voided. A system worth thousands of dollars is too valuable to be void. Safety is the next thing. As with all electrical devices, an electric shock can occur if you don’t know what you are touching. A HVAC system can deliver up to 240 volts of electricity, which can cause death. Don’t put your life at risk. This task should be left to the professionals.

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