Florence HVAC contractorCongratulations! You have just bought a new home. This will allow you to perform preventive maintenance, identify signs of trouble, and avoid costly repairs. Your HVAC unit will perform at its best and save you money.

Know your HVAV system

Did you install a mini split system, central air conditioner system, boiler or heat pump? Once you have figured out how your home is heated and cooled, you will need to find out what fuel it uses. These are just a few of the other important things that you should be familiar with:

  • Age – Although some HVAC systems can last decades, many begin to show signs of wear after 10 years.
  • Rating of efficiency – Heating and cooling systems are classified according to their EER, SEER and AFUE ratings. Higher ratings are more efficient.
  • Warranty – You need to understand the terms of the warranty and what actions can be taken to void it.
  • Maintenance Inspection Results – If the homeowner had not been able to maintain their HVAC system, it is likely that they hired an HVAC contractor to do so. Ask for the inspection reports so that you can learn about any problems the unit may have had in the past.

Replace the Air Filters

The best and easiest way to ensure your HVAC unit is in top shape is to change the filters as frequently as necessary. The average frequency is between one and six months. Some systems include thermostats that notify users when the filter needs to be changed.

Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

Landscape maintenance is more than beautifying your home’s exterior. This can improve the efficiency of your HVAC Florence. You must ensure that any plants, trees, shrubs, or other foliage are at least three feet from the outdoor unit. You should also keep garden tools, furniture, toys, or other gardening supplies away from the outdoor unit.

Do Not Close the Vents

It is not recommended that you close the vents if you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs. While it can help you save money it will make your heating and cooling system work harder to ensure your comfort level is at the desired level. An HVAC contractor who is experienced will not recommend blocking vent registers with any item. Florence HVAC Experts can help you make different zones if you are only looking to heat or cool a specific area of your home.

Florence HVAC Experts is available to answer any questions you may have about your HVAC system, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or an experienced professional.

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