HVACHomeowners continue to find ways to reduce their heating and cooling energy consumption by building more weatherized and tightly built houses than ever before. However, several homes lack sufficient ventilation, which results in high levels of indoor pollution from VOCs or volatile organic compounds, biological contaminants, as well as a range of other potentially harmful particles. These pollutants have negative health implications. But aside from that, they can also affect the performance of your HVAC system.

Pollution particles can get inside your HVAC system through the leaks in the ductwork as well as the return air supply. Typical household dust that is pulled in through the return registers could introduce, skin cells, pollen, hair, animal dander, as well as soot. Poorly sealed ductwork can let insulation fibers, insect parts, pest droppings, as well as other undesirable contaminants gain entry from the basement, wall cavities, and the attic. In case the air filter of the HVAC system fails to catch them, these pollutants can cause a lot of problems on important Florence HVAC components including the following:

Evaporator Coil

A barrier is created by dirt particles to essential heat transfer, which lowers the system’s cooling capacity as well as its capability to get rid of the humidity.

Ductwork System

In case the ducting has insulation, the material that is utilized might trap airborne particles. In case excess moisture has been absorbed as well, then the ductwork could turn into a breeding ground for mold, viruses, and bacteria.

Outdoor Compressor

Running a system with a layer of dirt and dust on the coil increases the pressure and the temperature inside the system. This could lead to the degradation of the compressor lubricant. The friction that it creates can result in a costly compressor failure.

Blower Motor

The dirt inside your heating and cooling system could accumulate on the motor, which will cause wear and strain, increased energy consumption as well as overheating. This will not just shorten the service life of your vehicle but also develop into a serious fire hazard.

Furnace Heat Exchanger

In case the air filter is filled in with too much debris and dust, and airflow has become restricted, the additional strain that is placed on the system’s heat exchanger can cause the unit to fail prematurely.

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