HVAC inspectionThere are a lot of homeowners that don’t really pay attention to HVAC maintenance particularly the part where the inspection needs to be done. Regardless of your system has a problem or not, an HVAC inspection will be worth your money. If the inspection turns out negative for any issues, it will be good news. If some issues are found, it’s still a good thing as it would stop the problem from worsening. However, some homeowners are still left in doubt.

Will having an HVAC inspection do me any good and is it really worth it?

A brand new HVAC system will cost thousands of dollars. It consists of various different systems that work together to cool and heat your home whenever you need it. It also consists of a lot of moving parts as it continuously moves air around the house and provides heating. The constant usage of the system alone demands some sort of maintenance every so often or as prescribed by the manufacturer. What it basically means is that a Florence HVAC inspection is necessary. HVAC maintenance is necessary and it is not optional unless you want to pay hefty fees for repairs later on.

On average, an HVAC tune-up will cost the homeowner anywhere from $50 to $80. That’s a far cry from what it would cost you to repair any broken components in the system. As for repairs, an HVAC contractor might charge the homeowner somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 and $1,000. When you put it into perspective, maintaining your HVAC is a rather smaller investment that offers a lot of benefits.

When should I have my HVAC checked?

It’s best to schedule the HVAC maintenance during mid to late spring. You don’t want to risk pushing it back to summer and suffer a breakdown. Also, rates will increase or decrease depending on the season. As for the frequency of the maintenance, the HVAC technician will tell you the optimal times the system needs to be maintained per year. Do note that the number of times may vary depending on some factors such as usage and environment.

What should I be expecting from an HVAC maintenance?

There are a few things that the technician will do. It often involves simple to complex tasks such as the following:

  • Checking the thermostat
  • Checking all electrical connections
  • Inspecting the refrigerant levels
  • Making sure all controls are working
  • Lubrication and adjustment of moving parts
  • Ensuring evaporator and condenser coil fins are straight
  • Cleaning the condensate drain pan
  • Cleaning or swapping out old air filters

These are just some of the tasks that an HVAC technician might perform. The specific tasks to be employed will vary. Also, be sure to hire professionals such as Florence HVAC Experts. Hiring the right HVAC technician is as important as the task of maintaining the system itself. Be sure that hire a local contractor that can deliver the right results. It’s preferred to hire a licensed and reputable HVAC contractor in the Florence area.

Don’t wait for your HVAC system to break down before having it maintained. Call Florence HVAC Experts today and make sure your system is running 100% efficiently.

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