HVACSpring is the perfect time to cultivate your garden, stock up on allergy treatments – and give your HVAC system the royal treatment! Ensure it runs optimally for all seasons by investing in regular maintenance. Doing so not only extends its life but also helps maximize energy efficiency – a win-win situation that’s easy to achieve with just a few springtime steps.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Beat the heat this summer and avoid AC system woes. Before temperatures rise, make sure to get an annual HVAC system tune-up from a qualified technician! They’ll inspect your refrigerant level and check every component of your unit is running smoothly – cleaning condenser fins & coils along the way for optimal performance when it matters most. Spring might be known as ‘cleaning time,’ but don’t forget about that all-important air conditioning maintenance too; add it to your list today!

Clean the outdoor condenser

Get ready for the warmer weather and start your spring clean-up! Begin by uncovering any air conditioning units you covered during winter. This includes gently brushing away dirt or leaves from around the condenser base, making sure it’s in pristine condition to keep your home cool all summer long.

Get rid of vegetation

To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, give your condenser unit a little breathing room! Trim any overgrown vegetation at least two feet away from the unit.

Clean the air conditioner

Before servicing your air conditioner, ensure the power is switched off. Use a brush or vacuum attachment to carefully remove any debris from inside the unit followed by rinsing away caked-on dirt on the fins with a garden hose.

Inspect the unit

Faulty fins and an uneven AC unit can indicate a major underlying issue. Don’t wait until the situation worsens – contact your trusted HVAC contractor right away to get it fixed!

Replace the filters

Maximize your sunny days by saving indoor maintenance chores for a rainy day. Don’t forget to regularly examine and replace HVAC filters, which help keep the air fresh while stopping harmful contaminants from entering the home—including mold, gasses, or even viruses!

Tidy up the maintenance room

Keep your furnace and HVAC in Florence running efficiently with regular maintenance – don’t forget to peek into the maintenance room for a dusting every now and then. Take time to ensure nothing is obstructing air vents or registers, shifting any storage boxes as needed before cleaning up.

Install a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are an energy-saving solution that provide both convenience and financial benefits: they adjust your home’s indoor temperature to fit the schedule of your household, helping you save money on heating/cooling bills. For added savings, be sure to check for available rebates in your area from ENERGY STAR.

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