HVACIt’s during the summertime when your HVAC unit really gets a workout. The summer heat will definitely put some strain on your cooling system as it will most likely be cranked up to its max setting. It’s because of this usage pattern during the summer that your HVAC system should be maintained before the heat goes full blast.

Here are some tips to keep your HVAC in top shape before summer

General maintenance – a tune-up before summer is probably your best bet in terms of keeping your Florence HVAC system in top shape. This should be the first thing that you do. Also, don’t skimp on hiring an HVAC contractor as it will help you out a lot. Doing the inspection on your own will yield mixed results. Other than that, there might be areas that you could miss and cause problems later on. Hiring an HVAC technician, on the other hand, will provide better results.

Adjusting the thermostat settings – depending on your usage patterns, adjust the thermostat settings accordingly. During the summer your usage will be different from that of the rest of the year. When you put that into perspective, it would help to buy one of those smart thermostats so you don’t go and change your settings every so often. However, you will need to hire an HVAC contractor to have it installed.

Improving airflow – your HVAC system moves air in and out of different sections of the home. Through this circulation of air, dust and other particles are trapped through the air filters in the system. With that in mind, it is important to always have the air filters regularly inspected, cleaned, and or replaced. Duct cleaning may also be necessary. Although it might not be apparent, you might need to have your ducts cleaned sooner or later. You will only know of this if you hire professionals like Florence HVAC Experts for a thorough inspection of the system.

Better indoor air quality at home

High humidity levels inside the home can be a problem. During the summer, humidity at home will reach its peak levels due to the heat outside. Not only will high humidity cause your skin to feel sticky, but it will also cause discomfort anywhere you go inside the house. However, there are easy ways of how to prevent this problem. Here are ways on how you can keep humidity levels manageable:

  1. Install whole house dehumidifiers – while air conditioners may be able to slightly dehumidify the air inside your home it doesn’t really do that much of a good job as it is not primarily designed to do so. Installing a dehumidifier will resolve the issue of high humidity levels.
  1. Check the condensate drain system – the cooling system will normally produce condensation as an effect of the process. The condensation alone is not a problem. However, when there are backed up lines, the problem starts to happen. When the condensation cannot go anywhere, it adds up to the humidity levels. Instead of simply draining away, the condensation evaporates into the air, making it more humid.

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