HVAC contractorIn a few weeks, the cold wind of winter will eventually pave the way for the warm breeze of spring. What that happens, you have to turn your HVAC unit to cooling mode. But be sure to give your home a good spring cleaning first. Your HVAC system has worked really hard during winter to keep you and your home warm and comfortable. After several months of running continuously, it most likely have accumulated dust and debris. Because of this, you need to take the time to ensure that it is all set to run as efficiently as possible once the humid and hot days of summer comes in.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Listed below are five things you have to do to make sure that your HVAC unit will operate at its maximum performance this spring and summer.

Change the air filter – if you want clear and clean air, you have to replace your HVAC unit’s air filter on a regular basis. Air filters have one purpose and that is to catch all of the dust that is in the air so that it will not accumulate on the various parts of your HVAC system. Throughout the winter season, when your windows are always closed and the doors almost never open, the air filter have probably worked double time. Make it a habit to check your system’s air filter on a monthly basis and change it whenever you notice that it is filthy.

Check The Air Ducts –The air ducts of your home plays a crucial role in correctly cooling your house. When they become separated or cracked, you may be cooling areas in your home that you do not use and having to pay for cool air that you never really had the chance to enjoy. Before you switch on your HVAC unit, you need to take some time to check the air ducts and see if there are any cracks. In case you find some, there are spots where the ductwork has split and seal it immediately so you can make the most of the cool air available.

Fire it up Then Cool It Down – When you have replaced the air filter, cleaned the unit’s coils, and inspected the air ducts for possible leaks, the next thing you have to do is switch on the system. Check if the unit turns on without any problems. Listen if there are weir sounds that come from the system. Crank up the thermostat and then turn it down to check if the system is responding to it correctly. In case you see something unusual, get in touch with an HVAC contractor Florence right away and have it inspected by an expert.

Have Your Unit Inspected – Although you can change your air filters, check the air ducts, and clean the coils on your own, there are some tasks that need the expertise of a professional. An experienced HVAC contractor will do many things when inspecting your unit that a regular homeowner can perform on their own. These include identifying and repairing HVAC issues, lubricating the system components, and making sure that everything is working properly.

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