HVACIf you notice a larger heating and cooling bill than in previous months, even if you still live in the same house and are experiencing the same heating and cooling levels, it is important to determine if your heating or cooling needs have changed. If your HVAC requirements have not changed, it could be because of faulty ductwork. The section that links the ductwork segments can loosen over time and reduce the amount of forced air reaching interior living spaces. This could lead to some heat and cool air getting lost through walls and ceilings.

Generally speaking, there are slight differences in energy bills due to a warmer or colder temperature setting. Faulty ductwork can double, or even triple your typical energy bill due to the fact that heat pumps and air conditioning units are constantly working overtime.

HVAC Efficiency Improvement

If your cooling and heating bills are high enough that you feel the thermostat needs to be set at an extreme temperature to achieve noticeable cooling or heating, it is worth speaking to an HVAC contractor. Even if ductwork repairs are the solution, an HVAC contractor who is up to date on new HVAC technology may be able to offer more suggestions for lowering your annual energy bills.

Many homeowners can reduce their energy consumption by installing energy-efficient solutions to the basic parts of their HVAC units, such as the chillers, boilers and air distribution fans.

Older heat pumps have a poor electricity-to-heat conversion ratio. Some can run at as low as 40% conversion rate. Retrofitting your HVAC unit to accommodate an efficient units could result in a 40% increase in electricity to heat conversion ratio. Older units can also cause significant energy losses.

Air distribution fans can also become too large, consuming far more energy than necessary to maintain optimal temperature control. To illustrate how reducing the size of the air distribution fan could reduce your electric bill, keep in mind that 30% of electric consumption is attributed to them.

You should consider installing energy-efficient HVAC components to save money in the long term. Simple steps like fixing damaged ductwork can improve the indoor climate and reduce energy costs. An additional benefit of having an HVAC contractor in Florence SC inspect your ductwork is that the specialist may also determine if it needs to be cleaned in order to improve the quality of indoor air.

Your HVAC unit may need repair if your energy bills have gotten out of control, and your heating and cooling units are not working as well as they used to. An HVAC contractor can also suggest energy-efficient solutions to cut down on your annual energy bills.

Florence HVAC Experts can help you with your HVAC system. It doesn’t matter if you need regular HVAC maintenance or a new unit installed. Our team is ready to help.

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