Florence air conditioningHotter days are fast approaching and as much as you enjoy fresh air coming in through your home windows, it is also time to get your yearly service. Have you ever thought about what is required to run your Florence air conditioning unit? When you compare running your central air conditioning to an electric fan, the distinction is remarkable. In today’s financial situation, we are all searching for means to conserve a couple of bucks.

What makes your Florence air conditioning unit run?

There are several factors that affect the cost of running your Florence air conditioning unit, such as the location of your residence, the amount of shade around your residence and the amount of cooling your air conditioner needs to cool the entire home.

In Florence, summers are expected to be hotter every year, thus the need for your air conditioning unit to work extra hard to maintain a certain level of convenience. If you are considering a new home, you may want to get a copy of the energy bill or expense of the house you are considering. Try to ask for a copies of the bill from the last three years as well, because the climate condition from year to year can make a huge distinction on the expense of running the ac system.

An additional factor that influences the expense of running your air conditioning unit is the efficiency rating of the device. Most home appliances have been rated and your ac system will have a tag that indicates the quantity of power that it will use. When buying a new air conditioning unit, be sure to get one that uses the lowest electrical power to save on energy cost. If you have an old unit that is more than ten years and are not sure of its efficiency rating, seek help from heating and cooling professionals to get an estimate on a brand new unit.

The dimension of the cooling system versus the house-cooling capacity is an additional aspect to think about. All central air conditioning units are available in various dimensions. Each dimension specifies the quantity of space it is specified to take care of. When you are buying a new unit, make sure that the capacity of the unit to cool the size of your room is proportional.

Where do you set your thermostat? This step could make a big distinction in your energy expense.  It is obvious that your air conditioning unit will not run as often when you have a higher thermostat setting. By maintaining your thermostat over the 78-degree level, you could conserve as much as 20% in cooling costs.

Florence Air Conditioning

In Florence, locals are mostly from the north where houses do not utilize heat pumps. Most people in other parts of the country are used to lowering the thermostat when away from home for a long period; then turn on the air conditioning unit once they get back. But using a heat pump does not really help you save on energy costs. This is because heat pump coils work harder to keep the temperature level down, thus needing more electric power. One way to minimize cost is to set a suitable temperature level and leave it at that setting.

 How To Minimize Electrical Costs

  • Clean or replace air conditioning filter
  • Reduce the temperature level of your hot water heater to 120 degrees
  • Wash only full loads and utilize the power cycle on the clothes dryer or just hang your clothing on an old- fashioned clothes line.
  • Change older incandescent light bulbs with the brand-new fluorescent lights— you can conserve approximately 75% on your light costs.
  • Caulk home windows, doors as well as pipe openings where air could leak from your house.
  • Have your air ducts cleaned and checked for leaks. A leakage in a duct could create as much as a 25% decrease in the performance of your a/c unit.

If you have any more questions about minimizing air conditioning costs, contact Florence HVAC Experts. They can clean your ducts and/or change your filters, as well as provide a total check for your air conditioning system.

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