heat pumpYou might know a lot of things about underfloor heating but are all of them true? There are a lot of facts about underfloor heating but there are misconceptions as well. It’s good to know what information is true. Separating the real facts from plain myth is very important. Let’s take a look at the common false information about underfloor heating. It will be great to know the real score with that heat pump you just had installed.

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  1. Underfloor heating costs more than radiators – while this bit is true, it’s not entirely a bad thing. Typically, installing an underfloor heating system costs anywhere from 20-30% more than your conventional radiator. On the other hand, underfloor heating is much more efficient than radiators and will cut your energy costs significantly that the price difference would be saved in just a couple of months.
  1. Underfloor heating isn’t as effective as radiators – it’s also true that radiators produce more heat. However, underfloor heating spreads out all throughout the entire floor and provides even heating in the specified area.
  1. Underfloor heating is pure electric – although underfloor heating requires some electricity to operate, it does not entirely run on electricity. There are no electric heating elements that are being used. Instead, hot water is run through pipes embedded beneath your floor to produce heat. A heat pump is often installed in the system to make it more effective.
  1. Temperature is inconsistent with underfloor heating – the reaction time with underfloor heating is a bit slow compared to radiators. However, this won’t be a reason to bear uncomfortable temperatures as it could be controlled by the thermostat.
  1. Underfloor heating is only for floors – contrary to popular belief, underfloor heating can also be installed in other places. Ask your HVAC contractor about this. They will tell you that walls and ceilings can also be fitted with the same system used to heat floors.
  1. Your feet could swell with underfloor heating – with today’s standards and advances in technology, there isn’t any chance that your feet would swell because of underfloor heating. It’s simply not possible with today’s systems. Some heating systems are also fitted with heat pumps to allow for better cooling during the summer.
  1. Underfloor heating is unhealthy – this is basically stretching the facts a little bit too much. There is no scientific study that claims that underfloor heating can trigger diseases of any sort. In fact, this type of heating is concealed within the floor itself which means you won’t come into contact with it at all, thus rids chances of it making you sick.
  1. Underfloor heating isn’t compatible with certain species of wood – in some cases, this might hold true. However, stabilized wood will no longer warp or break when exposed to heat. Consult an HVAC contractor in Florence for more information.

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