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HVACThere’s a ton of stuff that you hear about HVAC systems when it comes to maintenance. More often than not, duct cleaning is overlooked or not given much attention. Why? It’s because the ductwork on your HVAC system doesn’t go bad for so long that it doesn’t always require maintenance or cleaning. However, you should also be aware of when you should have your ducts cleaned. Not having clean air ducts can have impacts on the system or to the health of the people inside the home. The question now is, when?


Is it necessary to have my ducts cleaned and when?

Duct cleaning isn’t discussed quite a lot for a bunch of reasons. First of all, there are other pressing matters that require the attention of an HVAC contractor. Second, your ductwork doesn’t always get into trouble unlike condensers and air filters. Those parts of the system often need to be cleaned or swapped out. However, when it comes to ducts, not much attention is needed until you see the following indications:

Air filters are dirty (due to months without replacement)

The air filters of your HVAC Florence will need to be replaced after a couple of months of constant use. The air filters trap most of the dirt in the air. However, there’s also a possibility of the dust and debris dislodging from the filters and into the ductwork. Although this is not that common, it can happen and when it does, the ducts must be cleaned properly.

Registers and vent covers have dust

Dust buildup can be quite a problem. It’s not something that you can totally prevent. Although regular cleaning can help, dust will always find its way especially if there are a lot of people going in and out of your home. It even gets worse if you have pets indoors. As for the ductwork, it must be cleaned when there is visible dust settling on the registers and vent covers.

Mold presence in and around your HVAC system

Dust and debris are just minor things to look out for. There are more pressing concerns that you should be wary about. When you detect mold in any areas of your HVAC system, you should have the cleaning done. The cleaning must also include the ductwork of your system. When mold is present in certain areas such as vents and registers, there’s a huge possibility that the mold has already spread to different areas of your home. Mold growth is a major concern as it not only affects the HVAC system, it also has negative effects for the house and the people living in it.

Airflow is inconsistent

Another major concern that you should be looking out for is airflow. When you notice that airflow is inconsistent in different areas of the home, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with the ductwork. This could also indicate that something is impeding the airflow within the ducts. When this happened, always have the ducts checked by experts like Florence HVAC Experts.

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