air conditioner repairIt’s almost summer, but is your air conditioner in top shape? While summer isn’t yet here, it is crucial to do the repairs and maintain your unit. To have your unit checked by a local expert in air conditioner repair before the summer arrives, call your local technician.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

These are some ways to determine if your AC requires repairs.

Warm air is being replaced by cold

Check the thermostat if you feel warm air coming from your air conditioner. Most cases are simple: the thermostat was not set correctly. If the thermostat is not working correctly but the AC doesn’t cool enough, contact your local HVAC contractor.

Short cycles in your AC unit

Short cycling occurs when the air conditioner fails to run its full cycle. The AC turns on and starts cooling. The system cools down to the temperature specified by the thermostat once it is turned on. Short cycling occurs when the system does not reach the desired temperature but instead begins from the beginning. This could be due to a variety of reasons. You may need to have an HVAC contractor in Florence SC look at the problem.

Your AC no longer cools effectively

There are many reasons your air conditioner isn’t producing the same cooling effect as before. You should have your air conditioner checked by a professional if it isn’t cooling as well. You could have a dirty air filter, or a more serious problem like a leaking cooling agent or a deficient compressor. Air conditioning system maintenance is essential to prevent future problems.

Your AC unit produces strange noises

Do you hear unusual sounds coming from your Air Conditioner unit while you power it on, or when it is in use? Call an expert offering services such as air conditioning repair in Florence SC immediately if you’re experiencing unusual sounds. When your AC turns on, it will make some kind of sound. The AC produces very little audio. It is possible to hear shrilling or banging sounds. Florence HVAC Experts can help you fix these problems.

Unexpectedly, your utility bill goes up

When you use your air conditioner often, it is common for your electric energy cost to rise. The energy cost of an ac unit alone can account for a large portion of your total energy expenditure. If your usage patterns haven’t changed in the last few months and your utility bills continue to rise, it is worth having your HVAC system checked. This could be due to many factors. It is important to quickly determine the cause.

High humidity

Your air conditioner can reduce humidity levels. The humidity level will increase in spring, but it won’t make you feel sticky. A dehumidifier can be used if there is too much moisture and dampness in the air. If that fails, contact your local air conditioning specialist.

Airflow is not efficient anymore

Air conditioners work by moving heat from inside your house to outside. If there is an obstruction to airflow, your system may not be able to cool your home efficiently. Only a licensed air conditioner contractor can quickly determine the problem and fix it.

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