heating and airA bit of air conditioning maintenance can save you from the blistering heat of summer. After months of not being used in the winter, your air conditioner will need some TLC especially since it won’t be long until summer comes round the corner. What you should do is hire a professional heating and air conditioning, contractor. A professional HVAC technician will know more than you do at maintaining A/C units. However, this does not mean that you can’t do anything on your own. There are still some tasks that you can perform on your own. Here are some tasks that must be done:

Air condition maintenance that won’t require an expert

Always put safety first

Just like any other electrical appliance, your air conditioning unit uses high-voltage electricity. Enough to give you a nasty shock, send you to the hospital, or even kill you if you’re unlucky. That’s why you should put a lot of emphasis on safety when working with air conditioners or any electrical appliance for that matter. Turn off the circuit breaker to where the A/C unit is connected. The condenser unit also has its own box that houses electrical components such as a circuit breaker, a lever, or a fuse. Turn the system off completely before doing anything to the unit.

Clean or replace air filters

It is important for the system to have a clean, fully-functional air filter. If whether you have a reusable air filter or not, they must be cleaned. This is to ensure that the system circulates air as efficiently as possible. The air filters must be replaced at least twice a year or depending on how often the system is used.

Clean the condenser coils

The condenser coils are where the heat is expelled. This process is aided by condenser fins and a fan to help dissipate the heat. Over time, debris will accumulate on the fins and stick to the fan blades. The dirt must be cleaned immediately to avoid the system from running inefficiently. The outside unit can be opened and cleaned manually. However, be careful about disassembling the cover for the outdoor unit. Make sure that the power has been turned off before cleaning. If you are not comfortable with doing the technical stuff, hire an HVAC contractor.

Clean the surrounding area of the outdoor unit

It is important that the outdoor unit remains clean. Any plants or grass must be kept away from the outside unit at all times. There must be space of at least 1-2 feet of clear gravel or ground surrounding the unit. This is to make sure that the unit won’t suck in debris when it is turned on. Also, clear leaves when necessary.

Check the refrigerant lines

You can easily check the system for any refrigerant issues by checking the copper pipes that run through the evaporator. These lines are often lined with foam or other insulating material. Check if there is any missing insulation. You may contact your local Florence HVAC contractor to fix the issue.

Test the unit

You can test the unit by powering on the unit and running it through different settings, turning the system off, and turning it back on. Although this test is not 100% accurate, it can give you a sense of the system’s condition. For more accurate results, hire Florence HVAC Experts to perform maintenance tests.

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