air conditioner maintenanceThere are many things that can get in your air conditioner system, especially the condenser unit, which is often placed outside. This is especially true if your air conditioner unit is not regularly cleaned outside. Other than dust, debris and fallen leaves, there are other things that can get into your air conditioner.

Here are some common items that can be found in air conditioners.

Lizards or geckos – These tiny animals love to hide under your air conditioner. Sometimes they will even choose to live there permanently. You might find one or two lizards in your indoor and outdoor units if you don’t check them often enough. These tiny creatures can be injured or even killed by your air conditioner. These lizards, dead or alive can also affect the efficiency of your air conditioning system. It is important to inspect and clean your cooling and heating systems regularly to make sure there aren’t any lizards living there.

Dust and debris – If your outdoor condenser unit or heat pump is not cleaned at least once per week, there will be an accumulation of dirt and debris around it. This is especially true if you have plants nearby. Even if you clean and replace your filters regularly, dust can build up in the air conditioners making it less efficient at producing cold air.

Florence HVAC Experts can help you if your air conditioner is in need of a thorough and comprehensive cleaning. It is vital to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently by keeping it clean.

Pet stains are most common in households with air conditioners placed near their pets’ homes. You should cover your outdoor unit with something that will protect your pets. Your pets won’t be able to find the unit easily and will have to relieve themselves near, beside, or right next the unit. Your cooling and heating units are at risk from pet urine. It can cause damage to outdoor units and lead to corrosion if it is not diluted with water.

To protect your cooling units from pets, you can build a fence. To cover your cooling and heating outdoor units, you can use odor sprays or plant bushes. Be sure to space the bushes away from the unit. To prevent any damage to the unit, there should be at most 4 feet between the unit’s base and the bushes.

Your air conditioner should not be in close proximity to or around other items – Many homeowners don’t realize that air conditioner heat pumps need enough space to function efficiently. Your unit may not function properly if you have clutter or other items near it. You may have unintentionally placed beach chairs, bicycles, and other items near or on your cooling and heating systems.

To ensure that your cooling and heating units work efficiently, it is important to leave enough space. You can also prevent costly repairs by maintaining enough space around your heating and cooling unit.

People also asked:

What maintenance is required for a heat pump?

You should clean your heat pump filters regularly. This is a simple maintenance procedure that all homeowners can do by themselves. You should clean or replace your filters once a month or when a need arises. Heat pump filters conjure up a lot of dirt, so this is a very important step

Does a heat pump need servicing?

If you use your system year-round to heat and cool, EES recommend that you have your heat pump serviced every year by a heat pump technician. If you only use it in winter to heat your home, or in summer to cool your home down, then a service every two years should be fine.

Florence HVAC Experts can help you maintain and inspect your air conditioner unit.

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