heat pumpThere are some things you can do to ensure your heat pump runs as efficiently as possible, regardless of whether you use it to heat your home in winter and summer.

Heat Pump Efficiency

Good timing

Every heat pump comes with a timer. Some heat pumps have a seven-day timer, so that your heat pump switches on and off at different times throughout the week. This will depend on your lifestyle. You can schedule your heat pump to turn on at 45 minutes before you wake up in winter so that your bedroom and kitchen are warm once you make your breakfast.

You can set your heat pump on when you go to work in summer. You will feel a cool breeze when you get out of your hot car and open the front doors. A timer can be more economical than leaving the HVAC unit on all day, even if there’s no one home. A timer can help you avoid making the next error, which will be covered next.

How to Set and Forget the Heat Pump

Heat pumps and duct systems are different from older boiler heating systems many Myrtle Beach relocated residents from the north are used to. People used to turn the thermostat up as high as they could before oil heaters existed. This was so the system would heat up quicker. If their home became warm, they would turn down the thermostat to bring it back to a more comfortable temperature. Heat pumps are smarter than this. Your heat pump will heat your home to 72 degrees when you arrive at home. If it heats up too quickly, you can turn it off.

It is best to set the temperature at a comfortable level, somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees. This will allow the heat pump to work efficiently and save power. You can also lower your heat pump’s efficiency by constantly fiddling with its thermostat, increasing your power bill and making it less efficient.

Keep Your Heat Pump Clean

Regular vacuuming of the heat pump’s filter can ensure that it is working efficiently. You may need to vacuum the heat pump unit every time you vacuum your home during winter. Florence HVAC Experts is the best place to call if you need more information or a professional to do this job.

A professional HVAC contractor should clean your heat pumps every year. Apart from cleaning the air filters, he can also do many other things. They will disassemble your system and give your heat pump an efficient clean.

Select Energy Efficiency

A heat pump in Florence is rated according their energy efficiency, just like other appliances. There are many heat pump models, and not all of them are the same. You should make sure you choose the best heat pump model. Do not hesitate to contact a professional HVAC contractor if you have any questions.

Florence HVAC Experts can help you install, repair, or maintain your heat pump system.

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