Florence HVACBased on your system’s location, along with its features and size, the HVAC unit’s sound can affect your quality of life at home. Homeowners dream of having a comfortable house but never at the expense of a setting that is peaceful and quite. The appropriate HVAC unit for your house must not drown your activities or even wake you up in the wee hours of the night. If you are looking for a brand new unit for your house, you have to know how to choose the quietest HVAC system.

The Decibel Ratings Of The HVAC System

All HVAC units have a dB or decibel rating that correlates the sound’s intensity. The system is quieter if it has a lower decibel rating. As you research and compare units, you have to think about the decibel ratings of different brands and models. Many people think one sound should be twice as loud as the other one whenever sounds are around 10dB apart. Here is a guide to help you out.

  • 50dB is much like a quiet conversation at home
  • 60dB is comparable to a conversation at a restaurant
  • 70dB is “annoyingly loud” and it is much like the sound of a vacuum cleaner
  • 80dB is comparable to the sound created by a garbage disposal

With these examples, most homeowners can look for a quiet Florence HVAC unit that is below 60dB. The quietest HVAC systems have a decibel rating that range between 50dB and 60dB.

Search For Features That Reduce Sound

Why is a heating and cooling unit noisy to begin with? An HVAC unit is an intricate machine that comes with several moving parts that rattle because of the intense vibrations that happen when it is running. These sounds, usually linked to the starting and stopping of the fan, are the main reason behind the most common HVAC related noise pollution.

If the weather is extreme outside, the system will function at its highest decibel, because the unit is working overtime to make sure the inside of the house has a comfortable and stable temperature. Outdoor elements like twigs or leaves that may have fallen into your unit could create other irritating sounds. Apart from searching for a system that has low decibels, be mindful of these features, which can assist in minimizing the sound from your system.

  • Variable speed fans
  • Noise reduction fan blades
  • Compressor insulation mounts
  • Insulated base pans

Importance Of General Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Just like all other appliances, preventative maintenance can help make sure that your unit runs efficiently and reaches its maximum lifespan Have your unit checked by an HVAC contractor at least once a year to prevent potential issues from worn parts, refrigerant leaks, loose screws and bolts, as well as outdoor debris.

Choosing The Right Size HVAC System For Your Home

The size of the HVAC system plays a crucial role with noise. In case you do not select a system that is large enough to cater the size of your house, the decibel number will not matter because your HVAC unit will be noisy since the fan will running all the time. We highly recommend that talk to an HVAC contractor who can help address the needs of your home. Aside from the square footage of your house, as well as the weather condition in your area, a professional and experienced contractor will take into account specific factors like the ceiling height and the kind of insulation that you have in your house.

Be very careful with the idea that a bigger unit is the answer to his problem. Although a large unit can cool your home fast enough, it would also shut down before it goes through the whole cooling cycle. Heat will get back in and the HVAC system will have to turn on once again and repeat the exact same process. This cycle will need more energy and can significantly increase your electric bill. Apart from that, it will also cause wear and tear to your HVAC system that is already overworked.

You have to do your research if you want to find the best HVAC system for your home. Know what makes a unit noisy and what features can help minimize these sounds.

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