air conditioningIf you recently went around to look for a new air conditioning unit, you’d notice that there are SEER ratings that come with every unit. What exactly does it mean? How do these ratings influence your decision? The abbreviation stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which basically indicates how efficient a particular air conditioning system runs.

How is SEER calculated and what it means for air conditioning

Calculating SEER is basically taking the amount of heat transferred from one area during a set amount of time by the electricity consumed during the said time. What a SEER rating takes into account is the performance of the unit through various temperatures within a cooling season. When an air conditioning unit is given a high SEER rating, it means that it is more efficient and takes up less electricity to cool a given space.

What’s the ideal SEER rating?

More than a decade ago, air conditioning units had SEER ratings as low as 6. Nowadays, air conditioning units are rated at around 13-25. The efficiency of the units have grown significantly over the years as cooling technology advanced. The Department of Energy has set SEER rating requirements for air conditioning units. However, the requirement may vary depending on your location. Some areas have a requirement of 13 while others need to have 14. If you’re oblivious about SEER ratings and what is the required value in your location, contact experts like Florence HVAC Experts. They should know what type of air conditioning unit to recommend.

Other efficiency indicators

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio – unlike SEER, EER does not measure the performance of an AC unit through a range of outside temperatures. Rather, it measure efficiency through set inside and outside temperatures with 50% relative humidity.

ENERGY STAR – established in 1992 by the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency, the ENERGY STAR label is only given to products that pass the EPA’s standards.

Basically, these energy efficiency ratings give you a clear idea of how air conditioning units differ in terms of power consumption. There are a lot of differences from one brand to another but these ratings remain constant. Focusing on these ratings would give you a better air conditioning unit in terms of efficiency regardless of which brand you choose. The next time that you are in the market for ACs, remember these:

  • There are more energy efficiency indicators aside from SEER namely EER and ENERGY star
  • The size of the air conditioning unit makes a difference. Make sure the size you choose is enough to cool your intended space
  • Remember to have proper insulation for the intended area for better efficiency
  • Efficiency is directly affected by performance. Always have your air conditioning units maintained to ensure proper operation all year round.

If you are uncertain about how to choose your air conditioning unit, you should consult the experts first. Air conditioning units cool the insides of your home, however, you need to ensure that the AC you choose is capable of cooling the target space. Consult a professional at all times including purchases, repair, and maintenance.

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