air conditioner repairThe vent covers in your HVAC systems are rather the smaller parts of the system. However, they are important in making sure that the temperature is at the correct levels. It also ensures proper airflow within the house. In most instances, we don’t really put any emphasis on these vent covers unless they are blocking some room decorations. When it comes to air conditioner repair, they don’t also get that much attention. However, the importance of these vents should always be taken into account.

Understanding how your vents work in an HVAC system

There are two types of vents needed for an HVAC system to work. These vents are used for supplying air and returning air into the system. This return and supply of air keeps the home at a comfortable temperature. It is important to know the function of each vent. They are placed strategically by your HVAC contractor for higher efficiency.

Cold air vents – these vents could either be located at a central location of the home or in every room. However, most professionals recommend having return vents in each room for maximum cooling capacity. They also regulate air flow and pressure within the household which keeps energy costs down.

Supply register vents – these vents work in the same way as return vents. They must also be placed within each room for temperature control. These vents allow air from the HVAC system to enter the room, cooling or heating the room as necessary. These vents should be spaced away from return vents to avoid recirculation of supplied air.

Grills or vent covers – these parts are necessary for each vent. The vent cannot be just a gaping hole in the wall without a cover. There are a lot of design options when it comes to vent covers that blend in with the design and motif of your room.

Taking good care of your vent covers

Regardless of how your vent covers look like, if they are not clean they aren’t good for you. Ducts, vents, and vent covers can accumulate dust over months of continuous use. This dust could become home to fungi and bacteria which could become a huge problem to the health of the people living in the house. That is why most homeowners hire the services of an HVAC contractor Florence to have these areas cleaned.

Floor vents – these vents should have the most attention. Since there will be some foot traffic within these areas, dust could easily collect in them. That is why they should be cleaned most often than other places.

Baseboard vents – these vents, like floor vents, should also be cleaned more often than others. Due to the inevitability of foot traffic, dust could easily accumulate on baseboard vents.

Despite easy access to vent covers, they are only a part of the system. Your vents and ducts should be cleaned and maintained as well. That’s why a lot of homeowners prefer to leave the cleaning and maintenance to experts like Florence HVAC Experts. It’s the best solution and it will no doubt be worth every single penny.

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