You might be shocked by some of the ways a heat pump works differently compared to a furnace or a boiler. In case you want to lower your energy use and maximize your comfort, listed below are a few things you need to know.

Don’t Worry About The Temperature Reading

Compared to your old heating system, a heat pump will measure ambient room temperature differently. Set the heat pump to a comfortable temperature and then adjust it up or down in the following days until you have reached the right temperature number, which you feel is most comfortable for you.

Never Leave Your Existing Heating System Cranked Up

If you leave your current heating system cranked up, the old system will be competing with the Florence heat pump, which means it is using up more energy and money. In the place where you are using your heat pump, set the old thermostat at about 10 degrees lower than it used to so your old system will turn into a backup heat source. In case the area becomes chilly during colder days, do not be scared to crank up the old thermostat temporarily.

There’s No Need To Fuss Over It Everyday

You might have lowered the temperature on your old heating system before going to work or sleep. A heat pump works differently. It achieves peak efficiency by remaining at a set temperature. You have to find the best setting that works well with you. But if you will be gone for more than 24 hours then you can turn your thermostat down.

Do Not Go Easy On It

The best way for you to benefit from the superior efficiency of a heat pump is to use it as much as you can. You can even experiment by expanding the zone like opening a few doors, then turning up the fan. You might get surprised how big a space a heat pump can take on.

Never Use Auto Mode

Many homeowners believe that the auto mode as the most efficient setting. However, if you use it, your unit will be at risk of toggling between heating and cooling unnecessarily. Your system will run efficiently if you set it to heat during winter and cool during summer. Auto fan is a different setting and is fine to use.

Do Not Use The Lowest Fan Speed

This one is strange but is definitely true. A heat pump will work most efficiently when it is set to a higher fan speed. Doing so can generate more air movement and ambient noise. So be sure to use the highest fan speed that you are comfortable with and then dial in the temperature setting that you prefer.

Never Skimp On Maintenance

This is true for nearly all heating systems. However, that does not make it much less important. It is quick and simple to do. If you want to know more about cleaning as well as replacing cartridges then check on the user manual. You can also call in an HVAC contractor to assist you.

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