HVACA tornado can be devastating in general. It’s a powerful force of nature that could potentially destroy everything in its path. Aside from other parts of your home, tornadoes could possibly damage your HVAC system. We’re going to focus on the outside unit of the HVAC system since it is the part that is directly affected. Here’s how tornadoes affect your HVAC system and how to prevent further damage:

If you find damages on your HVAC system, call your local HVAC contractor right away

Lightning strikes –HVAC systems rely on electricity to operate. It’s this very reason that it is vulnerable to lightning strikes. It’s basically the same with any other electrical appliances you may have at home. The lightning delivers a massive amount of electricity in a fraction of a second. This surge of electricity could fry any electrical circuits upon contact. However, there is a solution that could avoid serious damage to your HVAC system. Adding a surge protector to your HVAC system would greatly reduce damage to your system. If you’re located in an area with frequent lightning storms and tornadoes, you should give your HVAC contractor a call and have surge protectors installed.

Hail storms – just like lightning strikes, hail storms can also be equally damaging to your HVAC system. Hail storms with smaller ice pellets are not that damaging but still have an impact on your system. The pellets could carry dirt and debris that could get lodged into the outside unit of your HVAC system. Larger chunks of ice are more serious. With their size and speed, hitting the outside unit would be like hitting a tin can. Denting the frame of the unit is highly possible due to the impact force and the number of ice chunks that directly hit. Adding a hail guard could be helpful. However, it also has a limit. If you plan on using your HVAC system after a major hail storm, contact your local HVAC contractor in Florence and have it checked out first. It’s better to have the system inspected for any damages before it could run. Damage to the coils, fan, and internal circuits would only be worsened if the unit was used.

Water damage – another serious threat to an HVAC system is water. Water damage can occur when the system is exposed to extreme weather. Flooding, storms, and tornadoes could pour in water into the system and damage the circuits inside. When the unit is turned on while the circuits are still wet, it could short out, burning the circuits and greatly damaging the unit. Since HVAC systems rely on electricity, it is best to have professionals such as Florence HVAC Experts come over and have a look at the system first.

If you think that the outside unit of your HVAC has somewhat been compromised after a tornado hit your location, don’t use it just yet. Call an HVAC contractor, have them take a look, and have any damage repaired before it would escalate further.

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